Advance Review of Armor Hunters Issue 1

  Valiant has another event mini-series starting up with their first issue of Armor Hunters. Like Harbinger Wars the stakes are high, even though the mini-series minus the tie-ins is only four issues. For those who picked up X-O Manowar # 25, you know some of what the Armor Hunters are capable of in regards to destruction. Though even that does not prepare readers for this event's first issue, where what could have been dubbed "Disaster Porn" is actually treated logically and with respect. However It is still too early to label this another great event on par with Harbinger Wars though.

  Now while this comic's regular cover draws the reader in with it's big battle scene, the story and art keep that momentum going for the reader. I loved every page of art and I believe this is some of the most beautiful work by Doug Braithwaite and Laura Martin. As for the Story itself, I still don't know exactly who to root for due to both main Valiant characters like Aric and newbies like the Armor Hunters seeming to be in the right. This is a great thing because it means the characters are complex and real. Robert Venditti is spectacular at gifting characters with natural right and wrong decisions that make a reader think. 

I recommend those who are interested in trying Valiant to first pick up X-O Manowar # 25, and then this first issue of Armor Hunters. That way you get two great comics that combine for a fuller taste of this company.


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