Advance Review of Bloodshot and Hardcorps issue 23

   This issue has a severe stylistic and tonal shift with how the story is told, especially in comparison to last issue. In some ways it works in a business showdown meets warfare showdown kind of way.  The shift in tone makes this issue feel more subdued then previous. It is almost like Christos Gage took the warfare related scenes, and Duffy Boudreau took the business showdown Kozol versus a committee. This causes unevenness in the issues style.

   On the plus side the art, lettering and coloring are consistent. Heck we even get a character fighting buck naked apparently, which presents an awesome visual! While this is still an okay issue, I think Armor Hunters: Bloodshot # 1 will be better when that hits stands judging by the previews I have seen. Unfortunately I don't feel I can recommend this issue by itself, so this one is a trade wait type of issue.


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