Advance Review Of X-O Manowar Issue 26

   Okay I will recommend this issue, but I need to list the problems I saw in the story Robert Venditti told in this issue.

   Before the bad though we first must will mention the good. First off the issue as a whole is quality entertainment from the art by Diego Bernard & Alisson Rodrigues to the lettering by Dave Sharpe. The dialogue by Robert Venditti is strong and relatable to anyone who has had a bad deal or job. There is also a mystery to how the Armor in this issue moves and acts. It almost is like it is attached to a corpse and is going off some sort of muscle memory.

   Now as for the problems. They start with the summary stating we will see the origin of the Armor Hunters' leader Reebo. Instead of a done-in-one origin, or a single character focused issue, we get a Reebo and pre-mutation Malgram story.* It does not feel like the beginning of an origin but a prequel tie-in to the event Armor Hunters. This is not a bad thing in itself, but if you say you are doing an origin than do an origin. Also by having Malgram show up looking so different, and at all, the focus is distracted from Reebo. This is not the worst thing but so unexpected that I have to wonder why he is not mentioned in the summary.

  I would not recommend new readers start with this issue. However long time readers of X-O Manowar will at least want to pick up this week's issue up for Malgram.

 *Malgram being the first Armor Hunter we were ever introduced to in X-O Manowar.


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