Announcement of Three Thoughts

    I have thought about the length of reviews I do and have decided to do some day of release comic reviews. These reviews will have consist of at least two to three titles and will contain spoilers with warnings beforehand. They will be a little more in-depth than the standard advance reviews I have done in the past. However I will still be doing min-reviews and advance reviews for the foreseeable future.

    Another thing I plan on doing is trying to get PG interviews with Adult Film Stars. These reviews will state that they are Adult Film Stars but will be non-adult industry related queries. An example of a question is what their favorite board game is and why? Another example would be if they could change one minor law in a state or country what would it be? These interviews will hopefully be possible, because it would allow them to be humanized more in the area of public perception.

    Finally I also plan on trying to arrange interviews with various Fan Fiction writers that I believe have the talent to go pro in the writing industry.


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