Another List Of 4 Comic Related Recommendations with Potential Spoilers

1: Doctor Strange # 4 from 1974. I don't like a lot of Steve Englehart's work, but this is just such a surreal story with such a twist ending to the issue. Dr. Strange is freaking immortal when it comes to natural death. Also Mistress Death had been created by this point, but in this she is a he! Of course Marvel's Mistress Death is an abstract entity so this is not really a big deal, but still a cool footnote.

2. Solution Squad # 1 an independent comic that is aimed at middle school students to help them with math. Copies can be brought from the teacher who created them: Here be Solution Squad. Recommended for parents that home school and school districts.

3. Any issue of the Scribblenauts comics. These balance fun, humor, a bit of darkness, good ideas, and are aimed at every age. This is one of the few good things I feel I can recommend in terms of recent work from DC Entertainment.

4. Bravestarr the movie is an animated feature from Filmation that is a thematic and genre-meshing predecessor to Joss Whedon's Firefly and Serenity.


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