Chef The Movie review

   The movie Chef has a great cast including Dustin Hoffman plays a total dick. Now I mean no disrespect by this it just is how the character is personality-wise and helps move the story along. Also Dustin Hoffman and Jon Favreau have not gotten to play characters like this in years. They have played idiot, stern, comedy, conman (in Hoffman's case) and etc., but never these roles. It is brilliant, as is the rest of the cast including child star Emjay Anthony. In fact Emjay should win some awards for his role in my opinion because of his ability to act natural in every scene.

  Now as for the plot, character motives, and dialogue they are perfect and real. Oliver Platt's and Emjay's interactions with Favreau's character are the most personally real and close to home hitting moments of the movie. The only character motive that felt a bit surreal was the Beach Cop photo shoot with Chef. However this does not really effect the movie just viewers like myself. The dialogue  is beautiful in it's honesty, even with Robert Downey's character twisting conversations like a bendy toy. The plot is one anyone who has a relationship trouble of any kind can relate too.

  Finally the use of social media truly makes this a must-see relevant movie of our current time. Go see it!


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