Day Of Review Super Secret Crisis War Issue 1

   The concept while intriguingly weird is hampered by an average first issue. Louise Simonson's story feels very much like a set-up for an overly big crossover of Cartoon Network characters. While introductions are necessary for any comic, Simonson was just not providing the storytelling skills she has shown in prior work. Derek Charms, while providing each character with their original artistic sensibilities, also does not create more than a shared universe cut and paste job. However Simonson & Charms skills could have been hampered by the suits (non-creatives) at Cartoon Network trying to dumb down the original concept.

  While the theory of the suits hampering this comic is just guess work it still may be true. The fact is DC Entertainment is not doing this crossover, but instead allowing IDW. Also AOL-Time Warner which owns both DC and Cartoon Network seems to have allowed some sort of animosity to develop between the two companies it is parent too. Finally Cartoon Network seems to look for the cheapest low quality productions to be a part of in recent years such as The Amazing World Of Gumball. However this really is just really speculation on my part.

I would not recommend this issue unless one is a super big animation fan, or unless it is found in a 50 cent bin.


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