Harbinger Issue 24 Review Spoilers

Spoilers beyond this sentence!

   While this series still has one issue left, I can safely say this has been one of the best titles in of this decade! The art and writing have been consistently solid. All the major characters have relatable arcs that show clear individual growth. The art has never looked rushed or off. While no series is perfect this is a personal favorite of mine from Valiant Entertainment.

   Now for the spoilers I mentioned. The deformed Hunchback of Notre Dame look that Toyo Harada & Peter Stanchek acquire is awesomely awfully to imagine seeing in the real world. Peter looks like he is in physical pain from it which is mostly likely the case. Harada on the other hand gets people taking his picture while looking like this. This yet another reason I recommend picking up this comic.

   Though the real I suggest picking it up is we finally get an in-story definition of Harada's philosophical path. This happens in a big reveal by the bleeding monk that is so cool I can't repeat it. Issue 24 of Harbinger is the perfect issue to give to philosophy scholars to read, dissect, and discuss. I say this because it creates and addresses questions not only about hacking, peace, & current times but a host of other topics. This issue by Valiant is probably more than any other a most read!


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