Humanizing Adult Films Interview with MZ Berlin

  Some notes on this one: I unintentionally botched this interview by asking questions that were badly phrased such as the # 2, or lacking defining information such as #'s 3 and 4. For those that haven't seen Don Jon, The movie says people should not obsess over fantasies no matter the genre or medium they are created in. 

  As for question 2 I do not believe in stereotyping anyone. I was just trying to ask a question to show that Adult Industry careers should not be viewed with negative stereotypes. Unfortunately having no idea of how bad it was to ask this question both in terms of the speculation, personal nature, and phrasing, I can only apologize. I have already apologized to MZ Berlin via Twitter. However I feel I should apologize to anyone else who potentially takes offense to that never to be repeated question. I am sorry. 

Now on to the interview:

Rip: 1. Can the adult industry ever be left without extreme changes needing to be made to one's identity? In other words can people just be treated as people without drastic measures?

Mz Berlin: I don't have a definitive answer for this question. Every performer is different and the experiences they have are vastly different. I have seen people make the transition smoothly and I have seen transitions that weren't successful. When I took three years off I had several issues with stalkers, but only one instance of being recognized at my vanilla job by someone who was inappropriate. I found both of those instances jarring, obviously, but they didn't define my entire experience. I also have the benefit of living in relatively liberal Northern California, so someone who lives in a more conservative environment may have different incidents, or none at all. It's hard to say.

Rip 2. At a guess what percent of the industry would you say is in functioning romantic relationships this year alone?

Mz Berlin: Huh? I don't know/don't care. I'm not going to speculate on what is "functional" and what isn't. This is the kind of question that fuels negative stereotypes. It feels like you're saying that the adult industry is assumed not to have "functional" relationships and I will not validate that with a response related to the subject matter.

Rip: 3. Based on Joseph Gordon Levitt's movie Don Jon, do you think that people confuse any type of fantasy as reality no matter the source?

Mz Berlin: I have not seen this film and don't care to.

Rip: 4. In regards to question 3 do you think this accounts for the insults and tabloid rumors all celebrities including those in your chosen career face?

Mz Berlin: I haven't seen the film, but I'm assuming there are negative stereotypes of sex workers in the film? As for gossip/rumors- If people are talking about me, I could care less what they're saying. I know people speak poorly about the XXX industry while secretly watching it every night. The proof is in the pudding. The stats are there- people watch porn. I think over the next decade the negative stigma of being a sex worker will fade. I hope so, at least.

Rip: 5. Finally if you could make any kind of movie for any type of audience, what kind and who would be the audience?

Mz Berlin: A horror/mystery film, of course! Rated "R" and full of spooky noir imagery. And my audience would be, as it is now, any sick perv that wants to watch!


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