Humanizing Adult Films The Vicky Vette Interview

The below interview is the first of hopefully many with Adult Industry professionals, with the aim of making people see these professionals as human. 

Rip: 1. Who is more annoying as a Star Trek character Captain Kirk or Captian Picard and please explain why?

Vicky: Who doesn't love Captain Kirk... or for that matter Captain Picard? That's like choosing Chocolate over Strawberry icecream. Picard is seriously talented but Kirk definitely wore his hairpiece well.  Most "annoying" of the two? I think I would have to agree with George Takei... that Kirk aka William Shatner has a certain ''arrogance'' going on. 

             Rip: 2. Why do you think adult film stars and their lives get dehumanized in the political realm when there is probably more scandals by politicos?

Vicky: Adult stars are very easy targets. We take our clothes off for a living and are supposed to be human punching bags (among other things). It is easy on twitter to call a porn star a hoe, ugly or a skank.  We are not supposed to have any brains and are only supposed to be good at one thing.  It's a ''shock'' or a ''joke'' that a porn star could be associated with any type of politics or cause because in theory we are only supposed to think about sex 24/7.  People are uncomfortable with the thought that there is more behind the image, so it's easy to write something flippant with a topless picture than to actually take anything seriously. Sad... but true.

Rip: 3. If you were to have become famous by some other means, what would you have liked it to be?

Vicky: Running a worldwide charity for abused animals.  I feel passionate about animals and try to save pets who have been thrown away. I don't always agree with everything Peta says or does, so maybe I could be famous for setting up Peta by a Pornstar. lol. 

Rip: 4. Is there life after fame or just life?

Vicky: It's always just life isn't it?  That's a hard question to answer. As a porn star, even if I quit tomorrow somewhere somehow is going to associate me with porn and taking my clothes off. Just yesterday I got a friend request from someone that I used to train with and his wife. I could stop everything tomorrow... and people will likely still think I am ''Vicky Vette".  If I ever wanted to go into any ''normal'' profession, I am sure at some point, some how.. someone would connect the dots. Of course there is life after fame, but it's always going to be an altered reality. 

Rip: 5. In your opinion how can sexism be fought while empowering all genders?
Vicky: An age old question. Being a positive role model in adult is a start... for me that means breaking down perceptions that I should just be a stupid porn star without an opinion. Showing a different side of myself.  Doing charitable work. That a real person can be in my profession actually enjoying herself ... and not being abused.  People lump all porn stars together - no brains and on drugs or booze.  Not a lot of people know I haven't had a drink in 28 years for example.  They assume I have to be on something to do my profession.  Sexism is always going to exist.  I can only try to reach as many people as I can to show a different side of myself.


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