In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 3

   There are number of differences I noticed between the Japanese original and the 1990s version this time. An example is the radio show name is totally different. However this is sort of a "so bad it is good thing" because one gets more out of each version. Now normally I would view a bad translation as a bad translation, but I think this episode is unique. While all media has changed this episode really reminded me of advice columns and The Red Shoe Diaries. (note those underage should not watch that show.) This is due to the general idea of a handsome looking man reading other peoples' love letters as part of a media presentation.

  While we get funny Luna and Haruna moments what I really like are is the in-story message. The message being about writing one's feelings by hand and then giving it to one's love or crush which is awesome to point out! We all have to put ourselves out there to find acceptance of our positive feelings.


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