In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 1

   The first thing I mostly likely thought when I originally saw Sailor Moon Episode 1 "A Moon Star Is Born" is "Oh a new Cartoon!" (Hey I was 8 years old.) I had no idea it was aimed at girls, nor that the episodes were going to be considered by major fans to be badly translated. (These Episodes were translated by DIC Entertainment.) It was only with the recent addition of the original, uncut, Japanese episodes, with English subtitles, to Hulu that I have gotten an understanding of how bad the translation is exactly. What follows are my major problems, thematic and otherwise within these two versions of the first episode.

   First off the Japanese episode title works better as "The Crybaby: Usagi's Beautiful Transformation." This of course is not done because of the stupid idea that English speaking kids would respond better to Serena than her original name of Usagi Tsukino. Heck I don't think we ever got a last name for Serena in the first episode of the English dubbing. Secondly Serena and Darien are immediately attracted to each other after just pissing each other off. In the Japanese version we don't even get an inkling of attraction between Usagi and Mamoru (Darien) because they are just meeting for the first time.

   A compliant I personally have is the Japanese series focuses on the theme of romance and campy fun combined with strong girls saving the day. The English series focuses on the Adventure, drama and romance. Now this is not to say either is wrong but the English series was apparently trying not to alienate boys. However if they had just kept out the opening scrolling text the series still would have worked. Plus they foreshadow a plot point in the English dub way too early. Combine this with the morals instead of a next time promo and you have a seriously padded pilot.

  Though I personally still recommend viewing this cheesy English dub because there is less of Usagi/Serena's annoying kid brother. He is totally missing from the English episode pilot, while only making a brief appearance in the Japanese. Regarding the original uncut episodes I recommend them for the better translation and just because this is a good series judging from the early episodes.

Note: Sailor V will be discussed when Sailor Venus makes her actual debut.


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