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Episode 2

 This second episode was not shown in the DIC 1990s series here in America. Partly I think it was due to the Miss Haruna underwear scene, which is harmless for kids to see. Though more likely it was because the Umino/Melvin character while possessed/hypnotized tries to force himself on Usagi. Sure it is just an attempt at forcing a kiss and her crying stops him, but still hard to get by American censors. Even today it would be impossible to translate that moment into something okay for kids.
Though apparently some people at a young age have seen the scene in the first season of Buffy The Vampire Slayer where Hyena Possessed Xander tries to rape Buffy. While tangential in connection both scenes were interestingly released in the 1990s.

   The reason I brought that last point up is because both shows try in there own way to represent teenagers and strong young women. Where Sailor Moon fails is with the constant crying and running from super powered fights early on. Now that is primarily due to lack of training and being thrust into horrible situations. Not to mention the original aim of Buffy The Vampire Slayer is the opposite of Sailor Moon. Where Buffy is supposed to be anti-princess like and more teen hunter at the start, Usagi is more girly-girl then natural hero.

  Overall I found this episode to be not essential to the overall story. It seems to be just a sort of take it or leave it second episode.

Addendum to Episode 1 and Series

  The reason I haven't gone into the episodes as whole pieces is because a lot of people have already reviewed them in full and I do not like retreading others ideas. Thus these Sailor Moon blog posts will lack depth at times that a review would allow. However I did say they would vary in length. So try not to judge my opinion pieces to harshly.


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