In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 4

    Jadeite tries to do a fitness & dieting scheme to steal energy this time around with weird alien pods. Though I can suspend my disbelief for Usagi/Serena not seeing through his disguise I can't do so for her friends. They actually see the pods and don't run to the authorities, instead they go inside said pods after a flimsy lie is given. Look I can forgive this show for a lot of things including bad dubbings, but this is just sad. Also a trainer pushing someone to go beyond their limits is someone most people would say "no" to getting a workout from.

   Some questions I have after this episode are: Is Jadeite his title or name? Why in the DIC English dub  does Naru's voice at one time sound like a 80 year old lifetime smoker's voice? Why do they keep attack the same city, I mean is it the only place they can go? Does Gurio/Melvin have more pervert moments in the series Japanese Dub that were Kept in the English dub?


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