Kali-Yuga Issue 1 Comic Review

    For a first issue of a series this Kickstarter funded comic is good at introducing things. From the basic background history by means of a foreword from John David Ebert, to the Narration and Art by Benton Rooks and Juan Chavarriga. The art for example is very high-quality with an experimental hallucination type feel to the designs. Benton Rooks is very good at providing the right kind and amount of narration. The story as a whole however could use a little less introduction for the next issue and a little more action and pages. That said I found it an intriguing experience and I recommend buying a copy.

You can contact Kali-Yuga Comics on twitter @Kaliyugacomic or Facebook.com/Kaliyugacomic


The title logo by Hakan Hisim shows talent!


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