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In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 9

This episode's Japanese dub is way better than the 1990s English Dub. First off the kid brother is not mentioned in the English dub when he is supposed to be mentioned by the mother. While I hate the little guy, I do wonder what other 1990s english dub watchers thought about where he was supposed to be? The Japanese dub also has Tuxedo Mask make a way less creepy comment upon his arrival. Less creepy because he still finds the place, but does not mention having sixth sense feelings about the girls whereabouts. Seriously how does he know how and when to find the monster fights? How old is he supposed to be anyway, because I still have no clue!

Day of Mini-Review XO Manowar Issue 27

I will recommend this for those reading the Armor Hunters event, or long time readers of XO Manowar. I do think this is not a jumping on point or in any way new reader friendly. While it is quality work, and provides more info on the Armor Hunters, it is just a filler tie-in. On it's own it seems less important than the other tie-ins. This is very much a made for the trade and die hard fans written issue.

Day Of Review Guardians Of The Galaxy Issue 17

We have three different art styles here: Michael Oeming's edgy style, the more realistic style of Nick Bradshaw, and the inking of Walden Wong. Due to the styles of Oeming and Bradshaw being so vastly different they create a jarring effect on the reader. Characters looking different would not hurt this issue so badly if not for the fact that the letterer also made a mistake. Starlord's dad is missing a word in one speech balloon. Finally this being the end of the story arc we get a cop-out on a fight, and all the leads acting like idiots in weird panel layouts on the last few pages. I can't recommend this issue because the editor apparently failed at his job. I say this because editors are in charge of making corrections before a final product comes into existence.

Day Of Review Armor Hunters Harbinger Issue 1 Spoilers

Spoilers Beyond This Point! 

    Armor Hunters: Harbinger # 1 has two of the creepiest twins in comics, and their names are the Zygos twins! In my opinion these two are the main reason to read this issue. Robert Gill gives them creepy facial expressions to go along with the insane personalities given by Joshua Dysart. These twins have a shared genius power, and this shared intelligence is miffed at stopping horrible criminals who are trying to take advantage of a disaster. This is just reason one of why I highly recommend this issue. The other reasons are high quality art by Robert Gill, and great new reader friendly writing by Joshua Dysart.

Not Recommended Comics List of 4

First off I will be trying to make this a Saturday thing, or at least a once a week type list of comics I read at some point that I would not recommend.

     1. 1979's The Invaders # 38. While not a horrible issue, has an ethnic slur directed towards the Japanese characters. Thus unless you like heroes that talk like bigots while being teamed up with a Japanese American super hero I would advise keeping this off a favorites list.

     2. 1991's Alpha Flight # 93. Simply because the story can't decide if it is a flashback or is in the present. Also this issue's back and forth results in nothing happening in the story. Plus the art has broken backs and unnecessary posing. Definitely not new reader friendly or a good jumping in point.

     3. 1994's Superman # 95. Treats the New Gods and Superman like set pieces and gives the starring role to a character that has nothing to do with anything but wrapping up the Zero Hour mess. While I liked Zero Hour as a limited …

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 8

Oh man is Usagi a bit of a jerk in both the Original Japanese & English Dubs of the show. Though I will say she is written as more of a subtle jerk, and less of one in general, than the Serena version from the 1990s. I mean Amy must be pretty lonely to just become friends without an apology about the insults from Serena and her friends. The Japanese dubbed Ami on the other hand apparently does not know for sure that she was insulted that day, or that Usagi is trying to manipulate her for better test scores. Though it is interesting that Amy is a new student, while Ami is not a new student. This tidbit helps explain away the different building that the computer class is taken in, and why it is not at the regular school.
   While I did notice the different dialogue for the Queen and Jadeite, I will only comment that I am curious why they don't know about jobs. Speaking of curiosities the following things bugging me: Where does the Scouts clothing go when they transform back…

Armor Hunters Bloodshot Issue 1 Day Of Review

Out of all the Armor Hunters tie-in comics this is probably the weakest in my opinion. I say this because the action could have been sped up by removing certain bits of story and art that were already shown in other parts of this event. Though I will say that unlike certain events from other companies they at least get the lines and characters right in repetition. the art is great line work wise and emotionally. However writing-wise I feel all the shouts of "Bloodshot" are a sign of a weak female lead. Especially when she doesn't trust or care about him and knows he can heal himself.

   Now while I would love to recommend this issue I can't for the previously mentioned problems. I will be reviewing issues two and three of this title, so maybe I will change my mind later.

Mighty Avengers Issue 12 Day Of Review Spoilers

Beyond this Point are Spoilers

   This comic while not quite as awesome as last issue definitely has good points. For one Blue Marvel is portrayed as appreciative of certain architecture before regretfully destroying it to stop bad guys in the 1970s. Also right before this we see Luke Cage's father having a breakdown, due to his sense of reality being shattered. Finally Luke's reaction to his dad's story is priceless and is one only people who read this issue should find out about. The art is strong for the characters emotional states and none of are white-washed. Though I am questioning what the big deal is with The Bear, and whether any of the 1970s Mighty Avengers might sue the current Avenger teams, this is still a recommended issue. Definitely a comic for Blaxploitation film fans.

List of 4 Recommended Comics

1. The Invaders from 1993. This mini-series was an attempt to gauge interest in a potential revival of The Invaders as a monthly series. While I don't think this was the greatest 4 issue mini-series ever, I do think it is worth picking up due to it being a good 90's comic.

2. The West Coast Avengers # 35 is recommended mainly for the cover and partially for the story. It is a comic that features a Doctor Doom that most comic fans probably forget existed. That being the Kristoff's body/Doctor Doom's mind version. Cover is awesome! While the story is busy in a lot of ways it is an enjoyable issue if you can find a cheap copy.

3. Wonder Woman # 120 from the late 1990s. Great flashback summary issue that celebrates Wonder Woman's continuity at that point, and moved her story forward without missing her mission statement. That mission being promoting peace, love, and understanding.

4. Spider-Boy # 1 from Amalgam Comics. A joint venture by DC and Marvel, Amalgam had hits…

Advance Review of Archer and Armstrong issue 22

This issue with it's weird but good, not to mention various, mythical kings is one I will recommend. The art is solid and along with the coloring and placement of the word balloons makes the story pop. We get several things to ponder about mythical kings, Archer and Armstrong's pasts and where they may be going in the future. One of these things involves "Elvis" and his role as a king. Also I am personally curious who the security guards for the hotel were supposed to be, since they have to have been famous for something?

     Now while this review is short it is because this story is so good that going into it anymore will spoil it. So just go out on this week's new comics day and buy it.

Yet Even More Weird Ideas List of 4

1. How different are zoo animals IQs versus wild animals IQs?

2. How many titles have too many words making up the title alone?

3. Is it okay for an adult to ship relationships on shows like Girl Meets World? I ask because I so want Maya and Farkle to get together.

4. Is the Mark Twain character of Tom Sawyer still relevant in this century?

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 7

This is another case where I liked something from the 1990s English dubbing by DIC Sailor Moon versus the Japanese dubbed original. The something in question had to do with fame being the clear central issue versus the Cinderella mentions that are constantly done in the Japanese version. I mean one or two time would have been fine for a Cinderella mention but it went overboard this go around. Speaking of liking something I noticed that in the Japanese version of this episode that Mamoru seems to like Usagi after their chat. However it seems really subtle. Now as for Mamoru's Tuxedo Mask persona I did not like him coming back and impeding the progress of Sailor Moon's fighting capabilities. Also what is up with his roses being able to break glass? Was the glass super brittle on the outer layer or are the roses magically sharp?

Finally this episode felt a bit like a take it or leave it kinda episode where nothing would be lost if it were gone. Well except a male cross-dressin…

Day Of Mini-Review Life With Archie Issue 36

Spoiler below

     For those interested in the married versions of Archie this comic is very good as a summary of previous events. Now while the art is pretty solid there is a weak bit of art featuring Betty and Veronica in just one panel. The story as a whole is okay, but it is the character moments that will stick with people. If Archie Comics is smart than they will stick with the ending for a year, and do a Dallas type "it was a dream" continuation of Life With Archie # 36's ending. Though at the same time they should continue with an Archie is dead comic featuring the two futures. For those wishing to jump on board this is a comic you will want either in print or digital, and one I recommend you get.

Day Of Review of Harbinger Issue 25 Spoilers

Spoilers Beyond This Point

    While I loved all the stories in this final issue of the current Harbinger series, I did have two problems with stories centered around Joe. Readers of the first story arc of this series will remember that Joe was Peter's original friend, and that his death was the drive for the whole series. My problem with the first Joe flashback story is that it is hard to determine when exactly it happened. This story centers around Joe telling another character a story about Peter and is pretty good even with this problem. The other problem is that Joe has not been mentioned in a long time so it seemed rather odd to have a few stories about him for the closing of this part of the Harbinger saga.

   Though these problems did bug me I will recommend this issue for the following reasons: The story featuring meta fan fiction about the characters that one of the leads has found. I mean how many comics actually mention this while a company is endorsing fan fiction bei…

Advance Review Of Unity Issue 9

The events in this comic tie-in to the Armor Hunters event nicely, and yet this issue easily can stand on it's own. We get strong character moments for all the characters shown in this issue. Though some of these moments are jarring in some areas. Such as the personal thoughts of some Ninjak while fighting an alien dog. The total narrative set-up in this issue works however due to the strong skills of all involved, especially those of writer Matt Kindt and artist Stephen Segovia. I recommend those interested pick up a copy with this week's other new comics.

Ghostbusters Related Weird Thoughts List Of 4

1. Why doesn't the god-like character Gozer just reform the Staypuft Marshmellow Man?

2. How did they get a business license with untested ghost fighting weaponry? I would assume they would need one.

3. What was their going rate in the first movie and did it change in the second movie?

4. Was there a shortage of ghosts to bust between movies 1 and 2?

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 6

I have a few problems with this episode of Sailor Moon. First Luna talks while people other than Usagi can hear her, and yet Usagi's best civilian friend and the Yusuke character act like they don't hear Luna. In the case of the musician Yusuke it is fine because he is being chased by a monster. However in Naru's case she is just listening to music with Usagi and Luna in the same frigging room! How can you not notice a cat making comments when you are in the same vicinity as said animal?

   Another problem is why does the monster not do a better job of getting the evil tape back? I mean this monster can elongate body parts and transform into a humanoid bat creature that can fly! So really how hard can it be to swoop down and get the evil tape back? Heck why not just have Jadeite make a new energy draining cassette tape? This part is just odd and kinda dumb when one thinks it through.

   I did like the idea of exploring music and appreciated the kinda odd mention of Bac…

Day Of Mini-Review Deadly Hands Of Kung-Fu Issue 3 Spoiler

Spoiler in beginning sentence!

    This issue with the Sons Of Tiger and Daughters Of The Dragon teaming-up with Shang-Chi feels almost perfect. The art is just right with only a few of the artist's weak points in terms of proportion. There are no in-story arc continuity screw-ups in terms of art or characterization. It feels like a great martial arts comic worthy of adapted into a movie. However writer Mike Benson relies too heavily on  internal character thought narrating the characters shown actions. While the thoughts are nicely written they are unnecessary for most of the actions seen in this issue. 
   I recommend this issue, despite it's flaws because all it's elements combine to create a fun experience.

Day Of Review Winter Soldier The Bitter March Issue 5

This last issue of Winter Soldier: The Bitter March comes out after a questionable issue of Captain America. Both issues were written by Rick Remender. However for those of you hoping I will be harping on about the Cap issue just forget that hope. I did not read that Captain America issue so I can't and won't give my opinion on it. Now on to the actual review.

     This series' best issue is this one even though it has a predictable ending. We finally get all the lead  and supporting heroic characters getting moments in this issue. While I love that fact and the art in this comic, the title was still a misnomer. The Winter Soldier was give the title but is never the focus of this series. This is not a good thing. If you give a title to a media product than you should make it appropriate to the story not just a cash grab. Overall I say pick this story up in trade on reduced sale if you are going to buy it, because it is not worth full price.

Advance Mini-Review Of Rai Issue 3

Well this issue of Rai is finally providing answers and more connections to the the modern day Valiant Universe. For instance we see more of Dr. Silk. We find out who the body from issue 1 was in this issue. Finally we find out part of why the mysterious "Father" doesn't want Rai to find out the truth behind the many mysteries in this future japan. I like this issue enough to recommend people buy it in trade because it will read better. If you have a good enough memory for stories than buy the single issues instead.

Advance Review of Armor Hunters Issue 2

I was immediately taken out of this issue's story by the mention of Fox News. Why not say some made up station or at least some station that is not as polarizing. While I know there are supposedly two versions of Fox News the "regular" one on Fox and the 24 hour version. However this choice just left me with questions about why Fox was chosen and which version was chosen? I mean was it just random or is it a personal favorite of Robert Venditti?

     Another problem I have is the fact that Dave Sharpe had one slip up on a word. This word occurs during a fight featuring X-O Manowar where Aric says "Sends" instead Of "Send." A minor slip up sure, but combined with the one news group above the others choice made me feel that this issue is not a great follow-up to Issue 1. This being said the art, coloring & story are top notch, and I recommend that people give this issue a chance.

Addendum: Someone makes a shirt comment about Bloodshot which is …

Weird Ideas Continue to Abound

1. How would one fix an internet connection if the modem was part of a chip installed in the human brain?

   2. How many currently living adults would not be able to be classified as enhanced due to glasses, steel plates and artificial parts?

   3. The TV show Once Upon A Time has a town created from magic that no one visits for 28 years. Now while the food supply could be part of the Groundhog Day type curse effects, one still to wonder how the internet and modern mobile devices got to the town. In other words did the character Regina Mills/The Evil Queen help create the internet in that universe?

   4. Did Frank Miller screw up his The Dark Knight Returns series by having Joker in it? I mean ten years in a catatonic state and no regular attempts by victims friends and families to try and kill this monster? Also isn't retiring while Joker is alive sort of like cops and firemen quitting in the middle of an emergency?

Not Recommendations List of 4

1. Never be a douche by acting crazy when meeting celebrities. They are just people.

2. When critiquing someone's work try not to just give straw man opinions.

3. Don't puke on any Superman's cape.

4. Don't create fake trailers and say they are real. Those of you who have are kinda being jerks.

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 5

This episode is seriously weird in terms of some of it's logic. Like fictional pets that emit perfume in a pet store named Perfume that exclusively sells only them. Heck, the fact Luna and Usagi don't know where Shingo is running off to at one point and then Luna figures it is the pet store reminded me of the Boris Karloff The Mummy film! How does Luna suddenly know? Also are the Parents on drugs? I ask because they allow the kids to figure out the pet situation.
   Now I did see a problem with one word on the english subtitles where "his" should be "this." I am hoping this is a rare occurrence. Though speaking of rare occurrences I hope we get more evidence that Sailor V is a celebrity in the show's world. I say this because Usagi getting ticked over the mistaken identity was hilarious!
   Finally once I am done with this series and the original english dubs I plan on doing opinion pieces with Sailor Moon Crystal.

Swamp Thing Issue 33 Day Of Review

I feel that this issue could have been better if it was not summarizing the last several issues. The art is good and has a realism to it. Though as have I said the New 52 and the overly dark themes of the DC titles currently is not my cup of tea. However Swamp Thing seems watered down since moving from Vertigo back to DC proper. I still think this it is an okay series, but Aquaman, a light fantasy hero, was in this comic last issue with no mention in the summary of events this issue. Aquaman or any super hero appearing in Swamp Thing proper should have a real reason for being in the series even briefly. This recent crossover was apparently done just to boost sales between the titular heroes books. Due to all these reasons I can't recommend this series and may drop it soon.

Moon Knight 2014 Series Issue 5 Day Of Review Spoiler

This issue feels a little paint by numbers compared to previous issues. While I liked it, I don't think I can wholeheartedly recommend that someone should buy the series as a whole based on this comic. The art and color are beautiful, and there is funny dialogue, but it just is not new in feel. There are hundreds of video games and movies that do most of the same action bits as this comic. Overall it is a good one and done kind of comic. Hopefully the next and last Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey credited issue is better and ties back into issue one.

A few thoughts and a spoiler about this issue:

Moon Knight has no career, yet he has money for expensive weapons which is one thing I like about this reimagining of the character. It seems like this would be a good version of Moon Knight to keep so he is not seen as a mentally disturbed Batman. Also if Marvel puts Moon Knight into the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe this suit costume works better than the cape and cowl costumes …

Advance Review of Quantum And Woody Issue 12 with slight Spoilers

This is a brilliant final issue of this volume of Quantum and Woody. We get a sex changes, naked mutant bodies, and child gang related Jokes. James Asmus also must hate Thomas Edison a little due to the quotes used in the comic. From start to finish a great issue with character development and great art. The only problem is no orphans were killed in the issue, and this is sad only to those who are willing to pick up this awesome comic I am recommending! This comic is available this week.