Advance Review of Armor Hunters Issue 2

     I was immediately taken out of this issue's story by the mention of Fox News. Why not say some made up station or at least some station that is not as polarizing. While I know there are supposedly two versions of Fox News the "regular" one on Fox and the 24 hour version. However this choice just left me with questions about why Fox was chosen and which version was chosen? I mean was it just random or is it a personal favorite of Robert Venditti?

     Another problem I have is the fact that Dave Sharpe had one slip up on a word. This word occurs during a fight featuring X-O Manowar where Aric says "Sends" instead Of "Send." A minor slip up sure, but combined with the one news group above the others choice made me feel that this issue is not a great follow-up to Issue 1. This being said the art, coloring & story are top notch, and I recommend that people give this issue a chance.

Addendum: Someone makes a shirt comment about Bloodshot which is awesome!


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