Day Of Review of Harbinger Issue 25 Spoilers

Spoilers Beyond This Point

    While I loved all the stories in this final issue of the current Harbinger series, I did have two problems with stories centered around Joe. Readers of the first story arc of this series will remember that Joe was Peter's original friend, and that his death was the drive for the whole series. My problem with the first Joe flashback story is that it is hard to determine when exactly it happened. This story centers around Joe telling another character a story about Peter and is pretty good even with this problem. The other problem is that Joe has not been mentioned in a long time so it seemed rather odd to have a few stories about him for the closing of this part of the Harbinger saga.

   Though these problems did bug me I will recommend this issue for the following reasons: The story featuring meta fan fiction about the characters that one of the leads has found. I mean how many comics actually mention this while a company is endorsing fan fiction being created on Kindle Worlds. We also get a perfect circle with the series ending scenes in the main story. This truly was a great series and you should go to your comic shop and buy it now!


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