Day Of Review Winter Soldier The Bitter March Issue 5

      This last issue of Winter Soldier: The Bitter March comes out after a questionable issue of Captain America. Both issues were written by Rick Remender. However for those of you hoping I will be harping on about the Cap issue just forget that hope. I did not read that Captain America issue so I can't and won't give my opinion on it. Now on to the actual review.

     This series' best issue is this one even though it has a predictable ending. We finally get all the lead  and supporting heroic characters getting moments in this issue. While I love that fact and the art in this comic, the title was still a misnomer. The Winter Soldier was give the title but is never the focus of this series. This is not a good thing. If you give a title to a media product than you should make it appropriate to the story not just a cash grab. Overall I say pick this story up in trade on reduced sale if you are going to buy it, because it is not worth full price.


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