In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 5

   This episode is seriously weird in terms of some of it's logic. Like fictional pets that emit perfume in a pet store named Perfume that exclusively sells only them. Heck, the fact Luna and Usagi don't know where Shingo is running off to at one point and then Luna figures it is the pet store reminded me of the Boris Karloff The Mummy film! How does Luna suddenly know? Also are the Parents on drugs? I ask because they allow the kids to figure out the pet situation.

   Now I did see a problem with one word on the english subtitles where "his" should be "this." I am hoping this is a rare occurrence. Though speaking of rare occurrences I hope we get more evidence that Sailor V is a celebrity in the show's world. I say this because Usagi getting ticked over the mistaken identity was hilarious!

   Finally once I am done with this series and the original english dubs I plan on doing opinion pieces with Sailor Moon Crystal.


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