In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 6

    I have a few problems with this episode of Sailor Moon. First Luna talks while people other than Usagi can hear her, and yet Usagi's best civilian friend and the Yusuke character act like they don't hear Luna. In the case of the musician Yusuke it is fine because he is being chased by a monster. However in Naru's case she is just listening to music with Usagi and Luna in the same frigging room! How can you not notice a cat making comments when you are in the same vicinity as said animal?

   Another problem is why does the monster not do a better job of getting the evil tape back? I mean this monster can elongate body parts and transform into a humanoid bat creature that can fly! So really how hard can it be to swoop down and get the evil tape back? Heck why not just have Jadeite make a new energy draining cassette tape? This part is just odd and kinda dumb when one thinks it through.

   I did like the idea of exploring music and appreciated the kinda odd mention of Bach at the beginning. I say the Bach mention is odd because there was music created before he was born, and this episode is supposedly about a Jazz musician. The story's plot points that adult relationships can be hard to get into, and people can miss what is under their nose are very good for adult and child fans to see in this show. I also enjoyed the non-regular music we get to hear in this episode.


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