In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 7

   This is another case where I liked something from the 1990s English dubbing by DIC Sailor Moon versus the Japanese dubbed original. The something in question had to do with fame being the clear central issue versus the Cinderella mentions that are constantly done in the Japanese version. I mean one or two time would have been fine for a Cinderella mention but it went overboard this go around. Speaking of liking something I noticed that in the Japanese version of this episode that Mamoru seems to like Usagi after their chat. However it seems really subtle. Now as for Mamoru's Tuxedo Mask persona I did not like him coming back and impeding the progress of Sailor Moon's fighting capabilities. Also what is up with his roses being able to break glass? Was the glass super brittle on the outer layer or are the roses magically sharp?

Finally this episode felt a bit like a take it or leave it kinda episode where nothing would be lost if it were gone. Well except a male cross-dressing due to manipulation.


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