In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 8

     Oh man is Usagi a bit of a jerk in both the Original Japanese & English Dubs of the show. Though I will say she is written as more of a subtle jerk, and less of one in general, than the Serena version from the 1990s. I mean Amy must be pretty lonely to just become friends without an apology about the insults from Serena and her friends. The Japanese dubbed Ami on the other hand apparently does not know for sure that she was insulted that day, or that Usagi is trying to manipulate her for better test scores. Though it is interesting that Amy is a new student, while Ami is not a new student. This tidbit helps explain away the different building that the computer class is taken in, and why it is not at the regular school.

   While I did notice the different dialogue for the Queen and Jadeite, I will only comment that I am curious why they don't know about jobs. Speaking of curiosities the following things bugging me: Where does the Scouts clothing go when they transform back and forth? Does Sailor Moon grow the Tiara and Gems in her hair out of her body? Is the coloring of the Nails really important to the transformations? Are they flashing onlookers during their transformations? (yeah they are teenagers and my kid self didn't care but my current adult self does wonder.) 

    Finally while I have a lot more questions I will point out over the next few weeks, I will leave you readers with the fact that Luna is numbered a pretty high number for being one of two cat agents searching for the Princess. Don't believe me then just watch the Japanese Dub on Hulu.


Computers were just starting to be used in schools in the 1990s, and were still becoming a major factor in adults' lives.


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