List of 4 Recommended Comics

1. The Invaders from 1993. This mini-series was an attempt to gauge interest in a potential revival of The Invaders as a monthly series. While I don't think this was the greatest 4 issue mini-series ever, I do think it is worth picking up due to it being a good 90's comic.

2. The West Coast Avengers # 35 is recommended mainly for the cover and partially for the story. It is a comic that features a Doctor Doom that most comic fans probably forget existed. That being the Kristoff's body/Doctor Doom's mind version. Cover is awesome! While the story is busy in a lot of ways it is an enjoyable issue if you can find a cheap copy.

3. Wonder Woman # 120 from the late 1990s. Great flashback summary issue that celebrates Wonder Woman's continuity at that point, and moved her story forward without missing her mission statement. That mission being promoting peace, love, and understanding.

4. Spider-Boy # 1 from Amalgam Comics. A joint venture by DC and Marvel, Amalgam had hits and misses. One on target refreshing take on mixing up the characters was this one-shot title. I only wish we could have had more issues of this title. (note there was another Spider-boy title but it lacks some of the coolness of this one.)


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