Not Recommended Comics List of 4

     First off I will be trying to make this a Saturday thing, or at least a once a week type list of comics I read at some point that I would not recommend.

     1. 1979's The Invaders # 38. While not a horrible issue, has an ethnic slur directed towards the Japanese characters. Thus unless you like heroes that talk like bigots while being teamed up with a Japanese American super hero I would advise keeping this off a favorites list.

     2. 1991's Alpha Flight # 93. Simply because the story can't decide if it is a flashback or is in the present. Also this issue's back and forth results in nothing happening in the story. Plus the art has broken backs and unnecessary posing. Definitely not new reader friendly or a good jumping in point.

     3. 1994's Superman # 95. Treats the New Gods and Superman like set pieces and gives the starring role to a character that has nothing to do with anything but wrapping up the Zero Hour mess. While I liked Zero Hour as a limited series it did screw with certain characters in ways that didn't make sense. Ray Palmer the Atom is the character in question, and even for a teenager he is acting unbelievably stupid in this issue. This issue is too paint by numbers, and the numbers are painted wrong in terms of the plot.

    4. Spawn the first ninety issues in the main series read in binge reading format. Just don't! It makes for a depressing time spent reading a "grim and gritty" superhero attempt turned horror comic. No matter your beliefs on deities and demons, this is a comic of highs and lows that develops into a constant low.


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