Weird Ideas Continue to Abound

   1. How would one fix an internet connection if the modem was part of a chip installed in the human brain?

   2. How many currently living adults would not be able to be classified as enhanced due to glasses, steel plates and artificial parts?

   3. The TV show Once Upon A Time has a town created from magic that no one visits for 28 years. Now while the food supply could be part of the Groundhog Day type curse effects, one still to wonder how the internet and modern mobile devices got to the town. In other words did the character Regina Mills/The Evil Queen help create the internet in that universe?

   4. Did Frank Miller screw up his The Dark Knight Returns series by having Joker in it? I mean ten years in a catatonic state and no regular attempts by victims friends and families to try and kill this monster? Also isn't retiring while Joker is alive sort of like cops and firemen quitting in the middle of an emergency?


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