Sunday, August 31, 2014

Advance Super-Mini-Review Of The Death-Defying Doctor Mirage Plus Edition Additional Material

    I stand by my original opinion that the regular edition is not recommended. However I will recommend the plus edition due to the exclusive story in about The Black Mask Of Justice. This character is an amusing parody of the communist fighting superhero trend of the 1950s through the 1980s. I actually wouldn't mind more adventures featuring this screwball character. Pick up this comic in plus edition form this week.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Not Recommended Comics List of 4 Just Don't Arrow It

1. Green Arrow #40 from 2004. Why Judd Winick wrote this issue so badly in terms of transitions I will probably never know. He is a decent writer, but if this was a movie it would jump cut way too much.

2. Green Arrow #47 and 48 from 2005. Not recommended due to the Duke Of Oil's overly cheesy dialogue. The other characters are beautifully written, but the Duke is so annoying I can't recommend these issues.

3. Peter Cannon: Thuderbolt #1, published by Dynamite Entertainment in 2012, has too many words blocking the art. If it had less words I would have not put it on this list.

4. Tales Of The Sinestro Corps: Superman Prime from back in 2007. This piece of [insert all curse words ever] is just not worth it due to so many bad ideas.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 14

     First off let me explain what I didn't like about this episode. One such thing is that I am pretty sure the 1990s English dub had some bits cut from this episode for the stupid transitions with the the tiara. Which is odd because most of it is the same, except for Usagi's freak out over the Sister comment Naru makes. Also how did Luna, Sailor Mars & Sailor Mercury know to show up at all towards the end of the episode? It makes less sense then Tuxedo Mask's sudden appearances each episode he is in. Zoisite's voice in the Japanese version sounds too mannish, and not like a trickster character at all. Part of the reason I liked her in the original 1990s English dub was she sounded like a female trickster type villain.

    Now regarding what I liked about the episode is Tuxedo Mask's cane attack, and the fact he sticks around to actually help fight. We also get a little bit of realistic character development from Naru, Usagi, and Tuxedo Mask. The former in how she has things about her life that even her best friend Usagi doesn't know. Tuxedo Mask shows development by fighting, and having a mysterious power surge. Usagi by proving she can kind of hold her own with minimal help, and there by gaining the respect of Ami & Rei. Finally the fact that Nephrite is relying on magic astrology is kind of both fun and funny.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Day Of Release Review Of Rai Issue 4

   This issue is what I have wanted out of Rai. It has decent pacing in both the writing and art. Speaking of the art, it does not look rushed. Instead it looks like Clayton Crain has a handle on all the designs now. Rai and the other characters all have unique feeling voices now. The twists involving both the factions' villainous leaders are shown expertly. I could honestly believe each bit of story logic for this issue. Sadly readers have to wait for December for the next part of Rai. Hopefully we will have the same quality from this recommended issue continue on then. Go buy this comic.

Day Of Release Mini-Review All-New Invaders Issue 9

     The pacing is good, the interior art is nice, but the comic is ruined by three things. A last page reveal regarding the villain comes out of seemingly nowhere. Plus a potentially good issue involving alot of the Deathloks seems like it is getting sidetracked by this issue's villain's constant gloating. The guy never shuts-up. Speaking of the Deathloks, the cover features Luther Manning the first Deathlok. This makes the cover a total waste, because it promises a story that he is barely in. (It is also not his last appearance, due to the nature of corporate comics. Though that is neither here nor there.) Due to these three problems I can't recommend this issue.

Day Of Release Mini-Review Of Mega Man Issue 40

    This issue is definitely recommended for it's hopeful yet slightly dark story. The art while seemingly simplistic shows a depth that belies it's cartoonish nature. Both the colorist and letterer are deserving of kudos as well for doing their jobs right. Each character seems to have a unique voice. This is definitely a series worth checking out. The story arc Dawn Of The Age Of X that this issue concludes is a good story for oncoming readers to start with.

    Addendum: This is the 40th issue of a video game comic series that I thought would have long ago gone kaput from lack of reader interest. However I think the nostalgia factor, and its crossover with Sonic The Hedgehog helped it reach this milestone. Hopefully this series causes some new video games and cartoons based on the Mega Man/Rock Man property to be created.

Day Of Release Review Of Doctor Who The Tenth Doctor Issue 2

   First off they should not have used singing in this issue, especially a song that most people don't know. No one can't hear a song in a comic book. Secondly, Titan Comics is not off to a great start with this Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor series. This issue has too many words, and is paced worse than the first issue. The art is nice and consistent. However, it has no wow factor, because of the lack of forward action in the book. This feels like a wait for the collected editions title versus a monthly pick-up. Unless you are a super hardcore Tenth Doctor fan, I recommend not picking this issue up.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Advance Review X-O Manowar Issue 28

    Things seem to be back to the kind of quality this title had at its beginning with this issue. The pacing of the whole issue is not too slow like the past two issues have been. In fact if Venditti had combined the good parts of his scripts for the last two issues together, we would have had pacing like this. Instead of seeing all the hunts we get a general idea. This helps progress the time frame and keeps the story going. The art, lettering and coloring are top notch as well. While there is a piece of dialogue with Malgram that feels clichéd, the fact that it provides a placement of when the story is happening makes it okay. I recommend this issue for long-time fans, or just people looking for a good quick read.

Interview With Writer Benton Rooks About His Comic Kali-Yuga

Rip: What makes Kali-Yuga # 1 unique versus other indie comics?

Benton Rooks: I tried from the outset to make the KALI-YUGA universe feel like watching a dark fantasy film, and I encouraged Juan to explore a painterly style in the illustration of the first issue. This story was inspired in part by my friendship with mythologist John David Ebert, who worked for the Joseph Campbell foundation as an editor and went on to do a recent book I did a foreword for called Giant Humans, Tiny Worlds: Adventures in the Universe of Graphic Novels looking at how mythology relates to technology, the information age and graphic novels. 

Rip: What was a comic that inspired your work on this Kali-Yuga # 1?

Benton Rooks: Like many others, Grant Morrison's oevure was what introduced me to meta-fiction and comics as a sort of image magic in general. Invisibles also introduced a very interesting and complex gnostic philosophy--it was almost a treatise on metaphysics in some ways, and especially when I had found out how much The Matrix really borrowed from Morrison, it became a standard reference for how to do sci-fi tropes properly in stories for me. But I have been inspired by all sort of things outside of comics too, such as The Worm Ouroboros, which I first learned of in a list I found online of Neil Gaiman's favorite books. 

Rip: Why did you decide to have a foreword written?

Benton Rook: It was important for me to re-envision the possibility for the dark a-moral wizard archetype to be re-introduced, because I feel the more campy variety has been done more lately in Adventure Time and also in Terry Pratchett's work. This approach is great and very funny, but I liked the slightly more scary approach that Clark Ashton Smith had in his own Smythos universe in approach to the wizard archetype. I kind of wanted to inject a bit more horror back into general fantasy tropes. 

Works in the YUGAVERSE deal with the central question of how the East and the West orient themselves fundamentally different in regards to metaphysical practices, but this aspect I feel is more strongly pronounced in TRETA-YUGA, the prequel to KALI-YUGA, which will be up on Kickstarter very soon. 

Rip: Will people be able to buy this first issue online and if so where? Are there any upcoming conventions you will be going to sell your work at soon?

Benton Rooks. Those interested can find this on Amazon, where a digital version and print options are available. I'm very excited because I will be selling this issue, along with new work while attending a number of different cons in an upcoming 2014-2015 tour. I will announce this on social networks as they are determined. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 This Weekly Thing

1. Impact Comics The Web #14 is the final issue of the series, and is not really a bad comic from 1992.  However it seems not to be reaching its full potential in terms of writing. Also the Gil Kane cover seems wasted, especially because it has nothing to do with the actual story. I know many would probably disagree, but I have to go with my gut and not recommend this issue.

2. Legend Of The Shield #6 also from Impact Comics. This comic is just a bad beginning for a story guest-starring the Impact Comics version of the Fly. Mainly because organization the Web also makes an uncredited appearance interrogating a old woman. This interrogation combined with the gang ridden city crime shown in this issue contrasts with the happy-go-lucky nature of this version of the Fly.

3. Fight Man #1 is just a 1993 parody comic from Marvel with too many words. If it contained just a little less telling and more showing it would get a recommendation.

4. Cerebus is one series that I can't recommend based on my opinion of the creator Dave Sim's overly strong personal viewpoints against Feminism. I believe in civil rights for everyone.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Recommended Underrated Artists List Of 4

1. Mike Parobeck was an artist that died way too young. He is not mentioned enough and I don't think his work has been reprinted in collected editions. His work on Impact Comics' The Fly and the 1992 Justice Society Of America series are amazing and unique in style. My number one all-time recommendation for underrated artistic work.

2. Cave Paintings and Hieroglyphics, because without them we would not have comics, video games, television shows, or any other media that tells stories.

3. Jenn Blake, who is mainly known for her My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic comic work is able to draw various characters, and often posts voting contests for fans to choose a drawing to be shown on Facebook. Very nice artist and should get more varied work than she does at the moment.

4. Thomas Zahler is a multiple creative threat who should at least get more work just because of his Love and Capes series alone. Don't believe me buy a copy of this superhero rom-com from IDW.

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 13

    There isn't much I want to say about the differences between the 90s English dub and the original Japanese dub. I do want to point out the 90s dub misses out on the feminist dialogue in the later minutes of the battle. This is a very important difference in my opinion. Also while both dubs show Tuxedo Mask getting his butt kicked, I was hoping the Japanese dub at least got one punch in. Come on really? The guy gets lunged at and then that fight is basically over.

    As for Jadeite is he dead or just trapped in a cursed state? Also Queen Beryl kind of needs anger management classes, or at least needs to use her crystal ball to monitor the scouts better. Seriously though what is the deal with the ball she has in front of her? Also what is their origin: is it Hell, Outer Space, Inner Space? I hope they reveal it in future episodes. Another important question is how many people did Jadeite kill at the amusement park and the other places? I ask because he succeeded at times in getting some energy. Finally why did he not burn Tokyo in the first place, or at least derail the train the scouts were on?

Thursday, August 21, 2014

In the Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 12

    Okay how many people accidentally fell off this illusionary love boat? I believe some did. If you think about the explanation for the boat in the english version from the 1990s being a simple illusion. Now think about the fact we don't know if the boat had 666 which the Japanese dub says is the limit, and Tetiz even say that they have around 600. So if both versions had junk boats with magic covering the looks then you can see where I am coming from.

   The other questions that I am left with are things like why did Jadeite get spirited away by Queen Beryl just as he is going to take on the Sailor Scouts? If Beryl was so pissed off at Jadeite why didn't she distract him somehow mid-battle with the scouts? This could have provided a severe punishment, and caused the scouts to think they were more powerful then they are at this point in time. Finally if I have psychic planet powers I could cheat a game of chance? That is useful to know.

    By the way, Rei in the 1990s English version suggests going after guys who have just had a break-up on the boat. This is both devious and wrong, due to how she just wants to show Serena/Usagi up. Speaking of the English dub from the 1990s also had a better episode title Cruise Blues. I say this because it is short and to the point. One thing that I can't decide is which is funnier, Usagi winning tons of soap (English 1990s dub) or Tissues (Japanese dub).

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Day of Review Armor Hunters Harbinger Issue 2

    I will say it again the Zygos Twins of Gen Zero are creepy. These two are also the scene stealers of this mini-series, though all the characters get a moment to shine. Also I would not be surprised if the Zygos Twins turn villainous at some point in the future. Another character that had some great moments and almost steals the show is Titan. Even though this little guy only gets around three lines he has some of the best comedic moments in the issue.

   Now while everyone did stellar jobs, one exposition bit of text at the beginning did say "alian" instead of "alien." However this is a small enough mistake that I can still recommend this issue. Next month we will see if I can recommend the entire mini-series as a whole.

Day Of Review Deadly Hands Of Kung Fu Issue 4

    This issue is very anti-climatic and makes the title a misnomer. Instead of the Kung Fu we get a weird mystic battle and a car crash stunt. This sharp turn in plot also combines with too many words and not enough of allowing the art to explain the story. As this is the last issue of this mini-series I can say with certainty, that in my opinion Mike Benson failed to tell his story. Benson either had too few issues and not enough time, or he needed a better story for his 3rd and 4th issues. The last page signifies nothing and is just there and is a waste of time and talent.

   Tan Eng Huat's pencils and Craig Yeung's inks are also a bit weak in terms of his figures design consistency. All the characters look different depending on the set of pages one looks at. This adds to the anti-climatic feel of the writing, because it leaves the reader with nothing to look at except a nice coloring and lettering job.

For these reasons this mini-series is not recommended.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Advance Review Of Armor Hunters Bloodshot Issue 2

    This issue is weaker than the last issue for the following reasons: The art is too scratchy looking and the color choices are a bit bland. Another problem is the third sentence of dialogue on the first page is either not written right, or was lettered wrong. This issue's pacing of the action like the first issue in this mini-series could have be faster. Coherency is also a problem in both the summary and story. Regarding the summary the Armor Hunters arrival time is made to be at the time of Bloodshot's escape from Project Rising Spirit, however a paragraph then talks about him being recruited in Columbia by M.E.R.O after the escape. This could easily confuse a new reader who is just starting with this issue. The story does not tie-in well with the other titles, and feels very much like it's own thing in terms of sequence of events.

   Due to all these reasons I again can not recommend this title.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Marvel Only Not Recommended Comics List of 4 Potential Spoilers

Potential spoilers in this list beyond this point:

1. Elektra #8 from 1997 is both recommended and not recommended. The only reason I recommend this is the sex change aspect and how it effects a specific character arc in the series. The reasons to avoid this issue are: A weird and confusing villainous plot. The overly dark cover that contains a revealing bit of information. The pin-up art at the end being too cutesy for a character that kills in most of her better titles. The story just being there, and not really adding or subtracting anything to the character of Elektra.

2. I cannot recommend comics featuring the Marvel Superman analogue The Sentry. He is too contradictory a character. Also his history and various origins are confusing for even the most advanced comic expert.

3. The series Adam: Legend Of The Blue Marvel is not recommended. However, I recommend this character's appearances in the 2013-current Mighty Avengers. I also praise Kevin Grevioux for creating this character, though his writing was flawed in some ways in Adam: Legend Of The Blue Marvel.

4. Speaking of recommended characters, I do not recommend that Marvel continue using the current "sliding around 12 year timeline." This is contributing to the killing of the comics industry by not allowing characters like Spider-Man actually learn from their mistakes. This timeline also makes it harder for legacy and new heroes to be accepted, because the same story wells keep being used.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 11

    You know that rose attack moment done by Tuxedo Mask in almost every episode, well in this something odder happens. His mouth does not move during the encouragement speech. Speaking of odd things Sailor V has a manga? Is this character rich from all these products, or does she need to sue for unlawful use of her image? The oddest thing though is Luna not being effected by the monster's hallucinogenic mist/gas that is sprayed at Usagi, and Rei, who she is standing near. Could Luna have been tripping from some special Luna Snacks she got from a certain Shaggy mystery solver?

    One thing really bugged me about this episode and that is why when the monster is vulnerable did nobody attack, or talk about attacking. Seriously the monster is transforming into her true form and apparently blind for a long enough time. This makes as much sense as how much ruder the Rei and Usagi are to each other in the English dub from the 1990s, in other words no sense at all!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Day Of Mini-Review Archer and Armstrong Issue 23

     Fred Van Lente ties a lot of threads together in this issue with great art by Pere Perez. However I am still wondering whether the J. Morrison character was really Jim from The Doors, or just a pretender. While I don't know the answer to this I did like the pre-packaged autotune singer parody. The fact he is clearly a parody of a certain celebrity, while also being a parody of other celebrities is perfectly done. As for the threads that are tied, they are done in such a way that it makes sense why Armstrong didn't know the truth. This issue is a bit of a "boon" to comic fans and I recommend it.

Day Of Review Thunderbolts Issue 29 Spoilers

Spoilers beyond this point  

     This issue falls flat in terms of the writing. Ben Acker & Ben Blacker were either having an off day, or they don't get all the characters. Dr. Strange helping the Punisher is really hard to believe. Ghost Rider's Penance Stare being ineffective against the Punisher is just pathetic in its logic. Oh, and bad jokes like Diane Keaton being a Hulk are just...gah! No logic is used here. Another example is the fact that Elektra is tougher in her own title then this one. She acts like a little girl in love with the Punisher, not a cold blooded assassin. This does not fit her personality. The art, lettering and coloring is the only thing good thing about this issue.

I do not recommend this issue.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Advance Review Of Armor Hunters Issue 3 And Unity Issue 10 Shared Review Edition

    This is a shared review due to this week's issues of Armor Hunters & Unity being so closely tied together. What this means is that the former comic is reviewed and right afterwards the latter will be covered. I recommend both are purchased together for this week because they happen concurrently. They are both also worth their purchase price. now on to the first comic.

    Armor Hunters #3 only has one problem that I could see, and that is the part that picks up from the end of Armor Hunters: Bloodshot #1. This scene plays out different, and relatively more awesome in terms of a certain female character, in this issue.* Also we get to see a certain city feel the destructive power of one of the aliens. These two scenes were my favorites and I would have had more but I read Unity #10 before this issue. This issue is good art and writing wise, but those who read Unity will spoil the plot and enjoyment they could feel for Armor Hunters. 

   Unity #10 also has good art and writing. While I couldn't understand some of the backstory they show for a character, it did make the alien more foreign feeling. This issue also makes me wonder if a certain member of the Hunters is related to the armors in a certain way. There really is not much more I can say without ruining two good issues for readers of my blog. I will leave off with the recommendation of buying these two issues in single issue or collected form, but read the former first. 

     *Note: I could be wrong about this bit, due to not having read Armor Hunters Bloodshot #2 yet.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Number Whatever

1. Ripper is a 1989 comic series from Malibu that is a horror show of a comic. It features a confusing racist story about a vigilante named Ripper. The art and writing is severely racist. Also I am still confused about if this was meant to be a spoof or a serious story.

2. Civil War: The Return gives us an almost blank cover as the regular cover. The Sentry story is just a confusing, stupid mess that just rehashes who he sides with and why. The "Captain Marvel" story is like someone being given a drugged drink and later asked what pieces of memory they have of the experience.

3. Captain America: Reborn because it is acted out with Cap's characters, but is really a Slaughter House Five mixed with some sort of Power Rangers story. This is an anti-climatic point in Ed Brubaker's run on Captain America.

4. Swamp Thing #46 from 1985 simply because it is an unnecessary tie-in to Crisis On Infinite Earths. It not only fails as a tie-in but is clearly a mature rated comic with no "suggested for mature readers" warning. Yet it is still has Batman on the cover go figure.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 10

   Some differences I noticed in this episode's original Japanese dub are: Sailor Mars has a clearly lecherous grandfather, who while not as perverted as Master Roshi, is still a lech. The 1990s' English version half-heartedly tried to cover this factoid up. Also is it just me or did Usagi's dialogue in the English version make it seem like she had a lesbian crush on Rei? Another difference is the bus driver changes seating position in the 1990s' English dub versus where the Japanese dub has her sitting.

   I do have some questions this episode left me with. How do all the scouts, except Sailor Moon, know right away how to activate their powers? In both the Japanese and English dubs they are never told! What powers does Tuxedo Mask have exactly? Seriously he is the most ill-defined of the characters in terms of powers or skills! Why doesn't Jadeite just trap each of the Sailor Scouts in a dimension? He could follow each one learn their identities, and trap each one in a dimension like he tries to do with Rei in this episode.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Day Of Review The Shadow Midnight in Moscow Issue 3

    First off this is not the worst comic book ever done, but Howard Chaykin makes a major screw-up in not making this new reader friendly. He not only does this, but the fact The Shadow does not appear nor is Moscow shown makes this a very dull issue action-wise. Any issue of a comic should at least accomplish something, this issue though did nothing to really move the story forward. Chaykin's artistic skill even fails at one point when one of Margo's legs looks broken for no reason. It is because of these problems that I won't recommend this issue

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4

1: DC's Justice League related series, Extreme Justice. This whole comic series has only one quality that is worthy of recommending, and that is the healing of Booster Gold's body. That is not enough though for me to recommend it. It is very much a bad part of 1990s' comics culture due to the following: The buzz word of extreme in the title, especially because the comic code was still relatively in place, and any version of the Suicide Squad is more "extreme" than this team. This series art and writing are either going off bad editorially driven mandates or bad trends of the time.

2. Deadpool: The Circle Chase #1 from Marvel. While I like Deadpool's current personality in the later series and Deadpool's video game, this comic was created well before that. Though Rob Liefeld gave Deadpool a decent costume, it took years and other creators to create a better personality. I don't recommend this issue, but I do recommend the 26th issue of the current Deadpool series.

3. The Savage Dragon cartoon series from the 1990s. While not a comic it is based on Erik Larsen's long-running series. I recommend this cartoon be avoided, due to no resolution of any kind. Also over use of certain villains and the watering down of the concept for kids.

4. WildC.A.T.s cartoon series from the same era as the others, and for the same reasons as Savage Dragon.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Advance Review Of The Death-Defying Dr. Mirage Issue 1

    I have no clear idea what this issue was actually telling me for several reasons. Roberto de la Torre's art is too loose in its line work. This art problem combined with the colors chosen by David Baron makes identifying character's ages near impossible. Baron's choices colors in this comic are muddy when combined with the art. Not to mention the "written for the trade" type feel of the story by Jen Van Meter. She wrote an intelligent lead female character, but Jen throws too much at the reader in terms of potential plot points that nothing really sticks.

   I won't recommend this issue because this is not the kind of quality Valiant is known for and strives to give readers. However I will not belittle the creative team, because I see potential in this series if they can improve on the trouble areas.

Advance Super-Mini-Review The Delinquents Issue 1

  Other then two spelling mistakes, and that I recommend The Delinquents be added to everybody's must read comic lists, all I can say is: Bwa-Ha-Ha-Ha!

Advance Review Of Harbinger Omegas Issue 1 Spoilers

Spoilers beyond this point  

   This first issue of the newest chapter in the Harbinger saga is both hit and miss for readers of the last series. We again see Toyo Harada doing his world takeover schtick that the closing arc of Harbinger showed us already. However this is actually good for new readers who don't want to go back and read all of Harbinger. Though long time readers are left with a repeat beginning the issue does give us some surprises. Unfortunately nothing approaching the shock level of the likes of anything said by Zygos Twins in Armor Hunters: Harbinger.

   These surprises include Peter Stanchek's old foe Tull back in the picture, while he is supposed to be dead. This does not mean Valiant is going against their "dead is dead" guideline, just that either he faked his death, or he is not actually the Tull that appeared before. Oh, and Peter channels Dan Aykroyd's Ghostbusters sex scene in a way only Stanchek can! Finally there is the Zephyr and Torque make a timeline and Armor Hunters: Harbinger #1 tie-in related cameo.

    These moments plus the coloring make the issue good enough that I recommend both new, and long time readers pick up a copy of Harbinger: Omegas #1 this week.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Interview With Musician Adrian Killens

Rip: What media type must inspires your creativity?

Adrian: All the usual suspects. Books, video games and movies. The movie Micro Men influenced a lot of the last album I did ‘the British IBM’. The current album I’m working on is about psychopaths and has been influenced by a few books and movies like American Psycho, Kill Your Friends, Glengarry Glen Ross and even a few stories I’ve heard about Steve Jobs.

Rip: What is one genre of music you would never do?

Adrian: Probably heavy metal, I’m not into those growling vocals and double kick drum pedals. First band I was in used to always get put on with heavy metal acts. So I’ve seen enough of them to know I’m not into it.

Rip: I know, from hearing a lecture by my friend Essince, that music venues in certain locations charge lesser known music groups to play at said venue. So have you ever experienced this situation?

Adrian: Yes, I’ve been approached by a few and I kind of did one at a venue called Sound in Leicester Square. We ended up having to put down a deposit, which we got back when enough people turned up to watch us. We did get the money back but I wouldn’t be in a hurry to do it again. We were young and stupid back then. If you’re paying to play then you may as well just cut the promoter out of the loop and deal with the venue directly. In my experience most promoters don’t actually promote their gigs and rely on you to publicize and get people through the door. Which often leaves me wondering what they actually do. At this level you can simply get a few bands together and put on your own show without having to deal with middle men. I actually have no idea why some of them even call themselves “promoters”.

Rip: Do you have any pre-show rituals that you feel need to be done so you can preform your music?

Adrian: I generally have a few beers since the gigs I play are normally in bars.

Rip: Any upcoming show dates and locations you want to mention?

Adrian: Yes! I’ll be doing a full band gig at the Centre for Computing History in Cambridge on September 6th. Then I’m performing a few solo acoustic shows at CGE Las Vegas 12th – 14th September. You can grab more details from


  The supplemental section is a relatively decent mix of materials. While the overall creative quality ranged from good to somewhat okay in ...