Advance Review Of Armor Hunters Issue 3 And Unity Issue 10 Shared Review Edition

    This is a shared review due to this week's issues of Armor Hunters & Unity being so closely tied together. What this means is that the former comic is reviewed and right afterwards the latter will be covered. I recommend both are purchased together for this week because they happen concurrently. They are both also worth their purchase price. now on to the first comic.

    Armor Hunters #3 only has one problem that I could see, and that is the part that picks up from the end of Armor Hunters: Bloodshot #1. This scene plays out different, and relatively more awesome in terms of a certain female character, in this issue.* Also we get to see a certain city feel the destructive power of one of the aliens. These two scenes were my favorites and I would have had more but I read Unity #10 before this issue. This issue is good art and writing wise, but those who read Unity will spoil the plot and enjoyment they could feel for Armor Hunters. 

   Unity #10 also has good art and writing. While I couldn't understand some of the backstory they show for a character, it did make the alien more foreign feeling. This issue also makes me wonder if a certain member of the Hunters is related to the armors in a certain way. There really is not much more I can say without ruining two good issues for readers of my blog. I will leave off with the recommendation of buying these two issues in single issue or collected form, but read the former first. 

     *Note: I could be wrong about this bit, due to not having read Armor Hunters Bloodshot #2 yet.


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