Advance Review Of Armor Hunters Bloodshot Issue 2

    This issue is weaker than the last issue for the following reasons: The art is too scratchy looking and the color choices are a bit bland. Another problem is the third sentence of dialogue on the first page is either not written right, or was lettered wrong. This issue's pacing of the action like the first issue in this mini-series could have be faster. Coherency is also a problem in both the summary and story. Regarding the summary the Armor Hunters arrival time is made to be at the time of Bloodshot's escape from Project Rising Spirit, however a paragraph then talks about him being recruited in Columbia by M.E.R.O after the escape. This could easily confuse a new reader who is just starting with this issue. The story does not tie-in well with the other titles, and feels very much like it's own thing in terms of sequence of events.

   Due to all these reasons I again can not recommend this title.


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