Day Of Release Mini-Review Of Mega Man Issue 40

    This issue is definitely recommended for it's hopeful yet slightly dark story. The art while seemingly simplistic shows a depth that belies it's cartoonish nature. Both the colorist and letterer are deserving of kudos as well for doing their jobs right. Each character seems to have a unique voice. This is definitely a series worth checking out. The story arc Dawn Of The Age Of X that this issue concludes is a good story for oncoming readers to start with.

    Addendum: This is the 40th issue of a video game comic series that I thought would have long ago gone kaput from lack of reader interest. However I think the nostalgia factor, and its crossover with Sonic The Hedgehog helped it reach this milestone. Hopefully this series causes some new video games and cartoons based on the Mega Man/Rock Man property to be created.


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