Day Of Review Deadly Hands Of Kung Fu Issue 4

    This issue is very anti-climatic and makes the title a misnomer. Instead of the Kung Fu we get a weird mystic battle and a car crash stunt. This sharp turn in plot also combines with too many words and not enough of allowing the art to explain the story. As this is the last issue of this mini-series I can say with certainty, that in my opinion Mike Benson failed to tell his story. Benson either had too few issues and not enough time, or he needed a better story for his 3rd and 4th issues. The last page signifies nothing and is just there and is a waste of time and talent.

   Tan Eng Huat's pencils and Craig Yeung's inks are also a bit weak in terms of his figures design consistency. All the characters look different depending on the set of pages one looks at. This adds to the anti-climatic feel of the writing, because it leaves the reader with nothing to look at except a nice coloring and lettering job.

For these reasons this mini-series is not recommended.


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