Day Of Review Thunderbolts Issue 29 Spoilers

Spoilers beyond this point  

     This issue falls flat in terms of the writing. Ben Acker & Ben Blacker were either having an off day, or they don't get all the characters. Dr. Strange helping the Punisher is really hard to believe. Ghost Rider's Penance Stare being ineffective against the Punisher is just pathetic in its logic. Oh, and bad jokes like Diane Keaton being a Hulk are just...gah! No logic is used here. Another example is the fact that Elektra is tougher in her own title then this one. She acts like a little girl in love with the Punisher, not a cold blooded assassin. This does not fit her personality. The art, lettering and coloring is the only thing good thing about this issue.

I do not recommend this issue.


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