In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 10

   Some differences I noticed in this episode's original Japanese dub are: Sailor Mars has a clearly lecherous grandfather, who while not as perverted as Master Roshi, is still a lech. The 1990s' English version half-heartedly tried to cover this factoid up. Also is it just me or did Usagi's dialogue in the English version make it seem like she had a lesbian crush on Rei? Another difference is the bus driver changes seating position in the 1990s' English dub versus where the Japanese dub has her sitting.

   I do have some questions this episode left me with. How do all the scouts, except Sailor Moon, know right away how to activate their powers? In both the Japanese and English dubs they are never told! What powers does Tuxedo Mask have exactly? Seriously he is the most ill-defined of the characters in terms of powers or skills! Why doesn't Jadeite just trap each of the Sailor Scouts in a dimension? He could follow each one learn their identities, and trap each one in a dimension like he tries to do with Rei in this episode.


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