In the Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 12

    Okay how many people accidentally fell off this illusionary love boat? I believe some did. If you think about the explanation for the boat in the english version from the 1990s being a simple illusion. Now think about the fact we don't know if the boat had 666 which the Japanese dub says is the limit, and Tetiz even say that they have around 600. So if both versions had junk boats with magic covering the looks then you can see where I am coming from.

   The other questions that I am left with are things like why did Jadeite get spirited away by Queen Beryl just as he is going to take on the Sailor Scouts? If Beryl was so pissed off at Jadeite why didn't she distract him somehow mid-battle with the scouts? This could have provided a severe punishment, and caused the scouts to think they were more powerful then they are at this point in time. Finally if I have psychic planet powers I could cheat a game of chance? That is useful to know.

    By the way, Rei in the 1990s English version suggests going after guys who have just had a break-up on the boat. This is both devious and wrong, due to how she just wants to show Serena/Usagi up. Speaking of the English dub from the 1990s also had a better episode title Cruise Blues. I say this because it is short and to the point. One thing that I can't decide is which is funnier, Usagi winning tons of soap (English 1990s dub) or Tissues (Japanese dub).


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