In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 13

    There isn't much I want to say about the differences between the 90s English dub and the original Japanese dub. I do want to point out the 90s dub misses out on the feminist dialogue in the later minutes of the battle. This is a very important difference in my opinion. Also while both dubs show Tuxedo Mask getting his butt kicked, I was hoping the Japanese dub at least got one punch in. Come on really? The guy gets lunged at and then that fight is basically over.

    As for Jadeite is he dead or just trapped in a cursed state? Also Queen Beryl kind of needs anger management classes, or at least needs to use her crystal ball to monitor the scouts better. Seriously though what is the deal with the ball she has in front of her? Also what is their origin: is it Hell, Outer Space, Inner Space? I hope they reveal it in future episodes. Another important question is how many people did Jadeite kill at the amusement park and the other places? I ask because he succeeded at times in getting some energy. Finally why did he not burn Tokyo in the first place, or at least derail the train the scouts were on?


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