Interview With Musician Adrian Killens

Rip: What media type must inspires your creativity?

Adrian: All the usual suspects. Books, video games and movies. The movie Micro Men influenced a lot of the last album I did ‘the British IBM’. The current album I’m working on is about psychopaths and has been influenced by a few books and movies like American Psycho, Kill Your Friends, Glengarry Glen Ross and even a few stories I’ve heard about Steve Jobs.

Rip: What is one genre of music you would never do?

Adrian: Probably heavy metal, I’m not into those growling vocals and double kick drum pedals. First band I was in used to always get put on with heavy metal acts. So I’ve seen enough of them to know I’m not into it.

Rip: I know, from hearing a lecture by my friend Essince, that music venues in certain locations charge lesser known music groups to play at said venue. So have you ever experienced this situation?

Adrian: Yes, I’ve been approached by a few and I kind of did one at a venue called Sound in Leicester Square. We ended up having to put down a deposit, which we got back when enough people turned up to watch us. We did get the money back but I wouldn’t be in a hurry to do it again. We were young and stupid back then. If you’re paying to play then you may as well just cut the promoter out of the loop and deal with the venue directly. In my experience most promoters don’t actually promote their gigs and rely on you to publicize and get people through the door. Which often leaves me wondering what they actually do. At this level you can simply get a few bands together and put on your own show without having to deal with middle men. I actually have no idea why some of them even call themselves “promoters”.

Rip: Do you have any pre-show rituals that you feel need to be done so you can preform your music?

Adrian: I generally have a few beers since the gigs I play are normally in bars.

Rip: Any upcoming show dates and locations you want to mention?

Adrian: Yes! I’ll be doing a full band gig at the Centre for Computing History in Cambridge on September 6th. Then I’m performing a few solo acoustic shows at CGE Las Vegas 12th – 14th September. You can grab more details from


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