Not Recommended Comics List of 4 Just Don't Arrow It

1. Green Arrow #40 from 2004. Why Judd Winick wrote this issue so badly in terms of transitions I will probably never know. He is a decent writer, but if this was a movie it would jump cut way too much.

2. Green Arrow #47 and 48 from 2005. Not recommended due to the Duke Of Oil's overly cheesy dialogue. The other characters are beautifully written, but the Duke is so annoying I can't recommend these issues.

3. Peter Cannon: Thuderbolt #1, published by Dynamite Entertainment in 2012, has too many words blocking the art. If it had less words I would have not put it on this list.

4. Tales Of The Sinestro Corps: Superman Prime from back in 2007. This piece of [insert all curse words ever] is just not worth it due to so many bad ideas.


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