Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Number Whatever

1. Ripper is a 1989 comic series from Malibu that is a horror show of a comic. It features a confusing racist story about a vigilante named Ripper. The art and writing is severely racist. Also I am still confused about if this was meant to be a spoof or a serious story.

2. Civil War: The Return gives us an almost blank cover as the regular cover. The Sentry story is just a confusing, stupid mess that just rehashes who he sides with and why. The "Captain Marvel" story is like someone being given a drugged drink and later asked what pieces of memory they have of the experience.

3. Captain America: Reborn because it is acted out with Cap's characters, but is really a Slaughter House Five mixed with some sort of Power Rangers story. This is an anti-climatic point in Ed Brubaker's run on Captain America.

4. Swamp Thing #46 from 1985 simply because it is an unnecessary tie-in to Crisis On Infinite Earths. It not only fails as a tie-in but is clearly a mature rated comic with no "suggested for mature readers" warning. Yet it is still has Batman on the cover go figure.


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