Not Recommended Comics List Of 4

1: DC's Justice League related series, Extreme Justice. This whole comic series has only one quality that is worthy of recommending, and that is the healing of Booster Gold's body. That is not enough though for me to recommend it. It is very much a bad part of 1990s' comics culture due to the following: The buzz word of extreme in the title, especially because the comic code was still relatively in place, and any version of the Suicide Squad is more "extreme" than this team. This series art and writing are either going off bad editorially driven mandates or bad trends of the time.

2. Deadpool: The Circle Chase #1 from Marvel. While I like Deadpool's current personality in the later series and Deadpool's video game, this comic was created well before that. Though Rob Liefeld gave Deadpool a decent costume, it took years and other creators to create a better personality. I don't recommend this issue, but I do recommend the 26th issue of the current Deadpool series.

3. The Savage Dragon cartoon series from the 1990s. While not a comic it is based on Erik Larsen's long-running series. I recommend this cartoon be avoided, due to no resolution of any kind. Also over use of certain villains and the watering down of the concept for kids.

4. WildC.A.T.s cartoon series from the same era as the others, and for the same reasons as Savage Dragon.


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