Recommended Underrated Artists List Of 4

1. Mike Parobeck was an artist that died way too young. He is not mentioned enough and I don't think his work has been reprinted in collected editions. His work on Impact Comics' The Fly and the 1992 Justice Society Of America series are amazing and unique in style. My number one all-time recommendation for underrated artistic work.

2. Cave Paintings and Hieroglyphics, because without them we would not have comics, video games, television shows, or any other media that tells stories.

3. Jenn Blake, who is mainly known for her My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic comic work is able to draw various characters, and often posts voting contests for fans to choose a drawing to be shown on Facebook. Very nice artist and should get more varied work than she does at the moment.

4. Thomas Zahler is a multiple creative threat who should at least get more work just because of his Love and Capes series alone. Don't believe me buy a copy of this superhero rom-com from IDW.


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