The Marvel Only Not Recommended Comics List of 4 Potential Spoilers

Potential spoilers in this list beyond this point:

1. Elektra #8 from 1997 is both recommended and not recommended. The only reason I recommend this is the sex change aspect and how it effects a specific character arc in the series. The reasons to avoid this issue are: A weird and confusing villainous plot. The overly dark cover that contains a revealing bit of information. The pin-up art at the end being too cutesy for a character that kills in most of her better titles. The story just being there, and not really adding or subtracting anything to the character of Elektra.

2. I cannot recommend comics featuring the Marvel Superman analogue The Sentry. He is too contradictory a character. Also his history and various origins are confusing for even the most advanced comic expert.

3. The series Adam: Legend Of The Blue Marvel is not recommended. However, I recommend this character's appearances in the 2013-current Mighty Avengers. I also praise Kevin Grevioux for creating this character, though his writing was flawed in some ways in Adam: Legend Of The Blue Marvel.

4. Speaking of recommended characters, I do not recommend that Marvel continue using the current "sliding around 12 year timeline." This is contributing to the killing of the comics industry by not allowing characters like Spider-Man actually learn from their mistakes. This timeline also makes it harder for legacy and new heroes to be accepted, because the same story wells keep being used.


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