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Not Recommended Comics List of 4 Omega Edition

1. Family Circus this comic strip has just sort of been around for too long. Not only that it is like Chic Tracts in that it has a narrowing audience, though unlike Chic Tracts it is not a bigot only audience. It also just has never appealed to me, so I can't recommend it.

2. Most Wrestling inspired comics. Let's face the fact that these never translate well. They are either poorly done in story or art. Not only that but like Baseball they are always absurd, and it is mostly unintentional.

3. All-Star Squadron # 55 circa 1986. This is a culturally insensitive nightmare of a comic. You have various Native American tribes, Jews, and Caucasians being referred to in derisive ways, including slurs. Also there is anti-climatic ending. A second tale featuring a slightly lame update of a golden Age story is also included. I honestly try my best to forget the bad parts of this issue. So not recommended!

4. Ad Campaigns that try to include themselves in a comics companies already establ…

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Omega Edition

1. Omega Men #3 featuring the first version of Lobo circa 1983. This issue is good to read not just for an interesting adventure, but the fact Lobo was not really a fully developed character yet. Lobo's original costume also is cool, but absurd as well.

2. The fan film version of Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special #1. This adaptation is pretty funny and much more entertaining the the 1991 comic. It is definitely not for kids though.

3. Hawkgirl #66 from 2007 is a good conclusion to the Hawkman/Hawkgirl series, but sadly it was almost immediately ignored by DC and I think Jim Starlin. Still worth picking up though.

4. Aquaman: The Waterbearer Trade contains the beginning 2003 issues that featured a good attempt at a foundation for an Aquaman series. Other writers would try to keep adding to the foundation with their own ideas, but it was Tad Williams and Kurt Busiek who were left wrapping up the most threads.

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 18

Is Ziosite supposed to be a trangender, or even a smoker in the Japanese version. Cause I am starting to think that was the intent with the voice sounding very mannish. As for other differences, I do like the different perspectives the 1990s English and Japanese versions give viewers. For example in this episode Darien/Mamoru seems to recognize Nephrite, but the Japanese version had the opposite happen. Though I didn't like that the English dub had Serena thinking that "doll curse" was romantic. Also Shingo's hat had English lettering in both versions, and in both his name is missing a letter, wierd!

Double Valiant Whammy Review Armor Hunters Issue 4 And X-O Manowar Issue 29

Okay, this is odd a company that makes comics with lasting results exists and it is called Valiant. From Harbinger Wars to all the other titles Valiant has grown over the last few years from a brand name to a company that builds and grows from events. Armor Hunters #4 and X-O Manowar #29 are collective proof of this trend of making a status quo and shattering it just enough to make a change happen. Armor Hunters as an event changes how we looked at Aric and the other characters of Valiant, then comes X-O Manowar #29 with a promise. This promise is that the more things will and can change the more characters will fail to learn to get along. 
   Though I did not find the issues to be perfect, I did find them to be solid enough not to have anything but a few nit-pickings. I have nothing more of note to say, except pick these two recommended issues up.

Day Of Mini-Review Harbinger Omegas Issue 2 Possible Spoilers

Possible Spoilers

  There is not a lot I can say about this issue except the following: the art, coloring, & lettering are great. As for the story it is basically just a extrapolation of the Lionel Trilling Quote at the end. Regarding the human reactions for the App mentioned in this comic are hilarious. Apps that do manhunts while doing selfies are scary too! While the dialogue for the news reports is a little weak, the basic human reactions shown are also real. In fact the strongest part of the issue is a fresh perspective on old ideas. I recommend this issue for fans and scholars.

Double Whammy Day of Release Review Secret Avengers Issue 8 and Thunderbolts Issue 31

Below Here Be Spoilers

  While these are two different comics, in terms of their concept they are very similar. It is the route the creative teams have taken that makes them truly different. This version of the Thunderbolts had an original goal of doing the jobs too dirty for the Avengers. On the other hand Secret Avengers has maintained a theme, with variations, of doing jobs too dirty for the Avengers, though often with certain Avengers characters. What truly differs them is what is inside these two specific issues.

  Issue eight of Secret Avengers has Modok's plan coming together and falling apart. The changing of the plan happens due to a profound and for some disturbing realization. But throughout this recommended issue we see a gathering of evidence, from the past several issues, conducted entirely from conversations. That is right there is no overt fighting, but instead a chess match of the mind. The  artistic quality is great in it's consistency and facial expressions…

Weird Ideas List Of 4 Conspiracy Theory Query Edition

1. What was the first conspiracy theory ever?

2. Why did this first one come about?

3. How many conspiracy theories have never been recorded?

4. Are there any conspiracy theories that helped inspire fairytales about princesses?

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Impacted DC Of Old Edition

1. Millenium was an event from the late 1980s that DC overstretched. It had a tie-in in nearly every title for each week it went on, and that is never a good idea. While I can't condemn every story connected to it, I can't recommend the main event either. Unlike certain other event comics this one had no real lasting effects to its name.

2. Impact Comics The Black Hood #6 from 1992.  This issue is not new reader friendly in the least. The issue features a villain for most of the issue, which makes the cover's question of "Who is the Black Hood" irrelevant. The pacing and story are atrocious with the art being the only good factor for this issue.

3. Impact Comics The Black Hood #4 from 1992 is only slightly better story-wise. The art is still a good factor, however the characterization is not. For instance the mother of a main character cannot tell a real gun from a toy gun. How is this possible toy guns and real guns do not feel or look the same. A real weapon wo…

List Of 4 Recommended Comics Blood Drunk Edition

1. Thor #299 published in 1980 has great art by Keith Pollard & Chic Stone. Not to mention a version of Thor drinking blood in a ritual. The fight scenes are not only epic, but believable for the time it is set in. Definitely recommended!

2. Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 10 #7 from 2014. Not only does this continue an ongoing narrative, but it also works as "a done in one" type story as well. Recommended for Xander & Spike fans.

3. 2003's Thor: Vikings is a mature readers mini-series from Marvel's Max imprint. Featuring a dumbed down Thunder God versus cursed vikings, while a sharp-tongued Doctor Strange helps out. This comic is Garth Ennis's take on the Mighty Thor and it is bloody as well as entertaining. Not for anyone who is under 18.

4. Flash #33, circa 1989, is an interesting tale regarding a mother and her child. This is really all I can say on the matter without ruining a good story.

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 17

Okay who fronted the money for the photo shoot in this episode, and if it was the kid photographer did he go broke afterwards? Also Usagi's prep work for modeling is odder in the original Japanese dub versus the 90s' English version. For crying out lout in the O.G. version she practices rhymes. Another odd thing is the O.G. photographer just giving up his passion after he is no longer possessed. This made me like the 90s' version a little more for this episode, because he decides to focus on moon photography instead of girls or landscapes.

     Some things I found interesting are: Mamoru making an empowerment speech about inner beauty that Usagi later quotes. We also for the first time see just Mamoru without him becoming Tuxedo Mask, which is an interesting change in the formula. Also If I haven't it mentioned yet Usagi's earth family are jerks in the Japanese dub!

Day Of Release Review The Delinquents Issue 2 Potential Spoilers

While not as much of a gut buster as the first issue, this issue is a laugh riot right from the summary. Speaking of the jokes some are borderline dirty and one is Blazing Saddles type humor. (Tinder, heh!) Also we get the cliched main super character misunderstanding based fight, which results in some interesting after-effects. I love this series so much and recommend it. Also I loved the creative use of shadows and space in the art. If you are looking for a mystery, and jokes of the non-politically correct variety this comic is for you.

Day Of Release Review Of Unity Issue 11 Potential Spoilers

Potential Spoilers Beyond This Point

     This is a good issue that I recommend. Though it really is more of a Ninjak spotlight issue versus a team focused one. Sure we have the Eternal Warrior & Livewire getting some focus, but it seems more like a guest stint for them. That being said I think the story works. We get more of an idea how Ninjak acquires his devices, and why they are not widely available. The art and coloring choices are also smartly done with the flashbacks Ninjak has looking a bit more original than most. Also Ninjak has a good character moment involving helping a civilian near the end of the issue.

Advance Review of Armor Hunters Bloodshot Issue 3

I will give penciler Trevor Hairsine and inker Mark Pennington half a point for doing better on art for this issue. However this issue and the entire mini-series as a whole served no purpose. One fault is  the lack of resolution in the flashback section of the story. The second major fault is the uneven balance between being self-contained while being part of the Armor Hunters event. It can not be read by itself, because it has a "to be concluded in another title" type ending. My reason for saying it does not work as a tie-in is the sequencing of events in Armor Hunters, Unity, and the other tie-ins do not connect well with this title's events. For these reasons I do not recommend this issue or mini-series.

Films That Stole Time From My Life And I Know Suck Edition The First

This is a new irregular feature for this blog featuring movies I have actually seen and that I hated.

1. Truimph Of The Will is probably the number one worst waste of my time in college. I had to see this in a Human Rights In Documentary Films course.

2. D.W. Griffith's The Birth Of A Nation (1915). This film is poorly paced and incredibly racist.

3. Behold A Pale Horse starring Gregory Peck & Anthony Quinn is a waste of their talent. It is illogical in story and characterization.

4. Titanic starring Leonardo Dicaprio. The leaps in logic, the pointless romance, and the fact I never wanted to see it but was dragged to see it anyway. Also like the movie Pearl Harbor, it is not really about the titular subject.

Not Recommended Comics List of 4 The Moonlight Edition

1. Moon Knight #10 from 1981. It is just a Batman with D.I.D., or as people used to call it Multiple Personality Disorder, mental breakdown story. Though I did find the less scratchy Bill Sienkiewicz art to be interesting. Personally I think Moon Knight only works as a crazy moon god avatar.

2. The Incredible Hulk #283 from 1983. While it is a serviceable story with a good premise, it suffers two major flaws. One of them is a collapse in logic when Captain America throws his regular shield in outer space. If a baddie had not caught it during the battle then it would just keep going. Finally the battle lasts just a little too long.

3. Shazam! #13 from 1974. I am not recommending this because it is mostly reprints with only two original stories from that era. If it had been mainly original stories filling the 100 pages than I would have recommended it.

4. Impact Comics' annuals from 1992. These annuals were pretty bad for a few reasons. The cover art is atrocious, while the interior…

In The Name Of The Moon It Will be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 16

This is a bit of an odd episode in my opinion. Partly because both the Japanese Dub and the 1990s English dub, while having certain differences, focus almost exclusively on the wedding contest. The teacher who is leached of energy by the monster is also not really shown, even though she is the bride in the story. Also Queen Beryl not being in the episode for once threw me a little off. And am I the only one to notice Usagi's puppet hands when she makes that weird anime lovestruck/drooling face? Finally the fight was a bit of a let down because of how short it was.

Mini-Review of Spongebob Comics Issue 36

The cover to this issue is probably going to scare kids away, due to the creepy factor. Also the wrap up to what has been a great and inventive 5-part storyline is very anti-climatic. This is due to the repeat of a previous used plot point in the storyline. All the jokes seem a little too complex for even adult readers to find funny, with most just falling flat. I liked the previous four issues, but this issue didn't work for me and I will not recommend it.

Day of Release Review Of Hawkeye Issue 20 Spoilers

Spoilers beyond this point!

  While the writing by Matt Fraction, and art of Annie Wu & David Aja, is still interesting and fun this book has a major problem. That massive issue is that this comic should been released months ago. The delays between issues have made a smart innovative comic, with a saga like storyline, feel like it has dragged on too long! For instance, Kate Bishop's (the female Hawkeye) story has turned out to be an almost pointless side adventure in the book. Sure she has helped a few people, but her main foe Madame Masque is not truly defeated. 
  This was a truly great series at one point, but now it needs to just get wrapped up. Hawkeye either needs to be restarted or just stopped being made as a title for a while afterward. In other words this issue is not recommended.

Advance Review Of Archer & Armstrong Issue 24

Writer Karl Bollers presents an origin story for Mary-Maria that is both very dark, but at the same time it has lighter moments. I mean a story featuring the Shirley Temple drink is definitely not one that is beleaguered with darkness. While it is missing the comedy that Archer & Armstrong is known, the fact that the spotlight is shifted to Mary-Maria is an interesting change. Until the last several pages, and time to think on my feelings about the issue, I was not sure about recommending this comic. However everyone who worked on this issue did a solid job, and I feel it deserves to be recommended. It becomes available this week, so go track down a copy.

Advance Review Of Armor Hunters Harbinger Issue 3

This is a great capstone to this part of Generation Zero, Torque and Faith's portion of the overall Harbinger Saga. Also I disagree with anyone who says this mini-series is just meant to be a cash grab tie-in. We see great character development for the heroes, as well as real world type reactions to the Armor Hunters purge technology. In regards to character growth we see Cronus starting to be less of a stern leader. As for real world reactions we have a soldier disobeying orders to do what he feels is right. The only real problem I had with this issue's story is the Zygos Twins were more "funny creepy"versus "possibly psychotic creepy." Other than that, I feel this series may turn out to be even stronger than the regular Armor Hunters mini-series. Definitely recommended to those buying comics this week.

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Just DC Related Edition

1. Infinite Crisis, circa 2005, all printings. While certain issues and moments in this series are enjoyable, the different printings changed how the story worked. First printings were the most honest but were unfinished either on art or editing. Thus you get the later printings that caused confusion for fans and scholars regarding what officially counts and what did not. Finally Superboy-Prime's whining adventures begin in this series.

2. Countdown is obviously a mess and thus not recommended.

3. Countdown To Adventure a tie-in to Countdown served no purpose when all is said and done.

4. Countdown To Mystery is not recommended due to the Eclipso Storyline. Also Dr. Fate artist Justiniano having turned out to be a Pedophile. Throw in the fact the late Steve Gerber never got to finish his half of the series, and you have a horror show of a comic.

Recommended Comics List Of 4 September 6 2014

1. Green Arrow #33 circa 2004. This one-shot type story is funny, and shows proper characterization for Green Arrow and the first Speedy. We also get an online auction battle featuring the super villain Scavenger, which is part of why it is a funny issue. Not many DC or Marvel comics have done this.

2. Rom #48 written by Bill Mantlo back in the 1980s (1983 if you want the exact year). This comic is not perfect, but I feel it is good enough to recommend. The pacing, action, and relationships are all good. Also the art holds up. I also feel writer Bill Mantlo's genius for creating was taken from him way too soon. I believe he is still alive in a hospital and funds can be donated to his care. Please look in to ways to help this former great in the comics world.

3. Doctor Strange #13 from 1976 is recommended for just two reasons. The old look of Nightmare is much better than his current look. The Ancient One and Doctor Strange take on Eternity to restore the Earth to the Universe.


In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 15

In a sense this should have been two episodes. We have the Usagi jealous of Rei trying to date Mamoru story, and then there is the park story. Speaking of Mamoru/Darien we find out that he is in college in the Japanese dubbing, but the English version neglects the age range again. I personally thought he would be 17 or 18, because he gets in a relationship with Usagi/Serena later. Also I feel it was mean of Usagi to trick Umino out of his money just to spy on Rei and Mamoru.

   This episode also left me with three questions. Did the park caretaker never remove his hat that the monster was possessing? Did anyone notice the Sailor V video game Usagi plays apparently moved from its original location in the arcade, as seen in previous episodes? What was Rei's grandfather supposed to do about the park in the English dub from the 1990s?

Mini-Review of Angel & Faith Season 10 Issue 6 Potential Spoilers

Spoilers beyond this point.

   This issue is better than the previous issues for a few reasons. One being that Faith gets a well written turn at the larger part of the story. Also Angel gets called out on some of his mistakes again. Though this is done in a roundabout way of someone from the past asking for help. The art is still good, even though the regular covers are still kicking the butt of the interiors. The writing is decently paced and fits the tone the characters evoke. I recommend this issue for new readers, or lapsed Buffy The Vampire Slayer fans who like me hate Angel. (The Character, not the Series.)

Day Of Release Review Iron Fist The Living Weapon Issue 6 Possible Spoilers

Beyond this point be possible spoilers

    The cover, while interesting and cool, is not a "buy me now" kind of cover that screams to potential readers. This could be the lack of background. Now as for the lettering, interior art & story I feel they  are well done. Interior Art and colors are combined perfectly as is the placement of the lettering. The story is picking up speed but allowing time for new readers to hop on board.

     Iron Fist's emerging supporting cast of Sparrow, Pei, Fooh & possibly two others are intriguing. Sparrow is a strong woman, who while blinded will hopefully still be a kick-ass martial arts character. I am still worried she might get a refrigerator treatment, but storyteller Kaare Kyle Andrews did give her a great line about not being wrecked by the removal of her eyes. Pei and Fooh are obviously comedy elements this book requires and I love them for their character traits. Fooh is a madman, and Pei is a kid who is brave in the face o…

Another New Weird Thoughts List Of 4 Animal Mansion Pack

1. How many animals would it take to wreck a mansion that has only beds in it?

2. What kind of animals would they be?

3. Is this a scientific experiment gone wrong just waiting to happen?

4. Would this be considered a form of animal abuse?

Press Release for New Life And New Civilizations: Exploring Star Trek Comics Essay Book

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Sequart Organization is proud to announce the release of New Life and New Civilizations: Exploring Star Trek Comics, edited by Joseph F. Berenato. On 8 September 1966, visionary futurist Gene Roddenberry introduced the world to a science-fiction TV series that dared to go where none had gone before. Star Trek, with its progressive stance on civil rights, explored not only strange new worlds in the final frontier of space, but also the human condition, revealing the heights to which humans could soar, while exposing the ugliness of racism, sexism, and war. Though canceled after only three seasons, Trek soon returned in syndication, spawning a cult phenomenon that has since expanded to include four follow-up TV series, an animated cartoon, a dozen movies (and counting), and a staggering number of ancillary novels, short stories, and comic books. Once deemed a network failure, Trek survived to become one of the most influential franchises of all time. Licensed Star Tr…