Advance Review Of Armor Hunters Harbinger Issue 3

   This is a great capstone to this part of Generation Zero, Torque and Faith's portion of the overall Harbinger Saga. Also I disagree with anyone who says this mini-series is just meant to be a cash grab tie-in. We see great character development for the heroes, as well as real world type reactions to the Armor Hunters purge technology. In regards to character growth we see Cronus starting to be less of a stern leader. As for real world reactions we have a soldier disobeying orders to do what he feels is right. The only real problem I had with this issue's story is the Zygos Twins were more "funny creepy"versus "possibly psychotic creepy." Other than that, I feel this series may turn out to be even stronger than the regular Armor Hunters mini-series. Definitely recommended to those buying comics this week.


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