Day Of Release Review Iron Fist The Living Weapon Issue 6 Possible Spoilers

Beyond this point be possible spoilers

    The cover, while interesting and cool, is not a "buy me now" kind of cover that screams to potential readers. This could be the lack of background. Now as for the lettering, interior art & story I feel they  are well done. Interior Art and colors are combined perfectly as is the placement of the lettering. The story is picking up speed but allowing time for new readers to hop on board.

     Iron Fist's emerging supporting cast of Sparrow, Pei, Fooh & possibly two others are intriguing. Sparrow is a strong woman, who while blinded will hopefully still be a kick-ass martial arts character. I am still worried she might get a refrigerator treatment, but storyteller Kaare Kyle Andrews did give her a great line about not being wrecked by the removal of her eyes. Pei and Fooh are obviously comedy elements this book requires and I love them for their character traits. Fooh is a madman, and Pei is a kid who is brave in the face of massive odds.

    I have to recommend this series as it is starting to shape up to be a potential sleeper hit from Writer/Artist Kaare Kyle Andrews & Letterer Joe Caramagna.


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