Day of Release Review Of Hawkeye Issue 20 Spoilers

Spoilers beyond this point!  

  While the writing by Matt Fraction, and art of Annie Wu & David Aja, is still interesting and fun this book has a major problem. That massive issue is that this comic should been released months ago. The delays between issues have made a smart innovative comic, with a saga like storyline, feel like it has dragged on too long! For instance, Kate Bishop's (the female Hawkeye) story has turned out to be an almost pointless side adventure in the book. Sure she has helped a few people, but her main foe Madame Masque is not truly defeated. 

  This was a truly great series at one point, but now it needs to just get wrapped up. Hawkeye either needs to be restarted or just stopped being made as a title for a while afterward. In other words this issue is not recommended.


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