Double Valiant Whammy Review Armor Hunters Issue 4 And X-O Manowar Issue 29

   Okay, this is odd a company that makes comics with lasting results exists and it is called Valiant. From Harbinger Wars to all the other titles Valiant has grown over the last few years from a brand name to a company that builds and grows from events. Armor Hunters #4 and X-O Manowar #29 are collective proof of this trend of making a status quo and shattering it just enough to make a change happen. Armor Hunters as an event changes how we looked at Aric and the other characters of Valiant, then comes X-O Manowar #29 with a promise. This promise is that the more things will and can change the more characters will fail to learn to get along. 

   Though I did not find the issues to be perfect, I did find them to be solid enough not to have anything but a few nit-pickings. I have nothing more of note to say, except pick these two recommended issues up.


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