Double Whammy Day of Release Review Secret Avengers Issue 8 and Thunderbolts Issue 31

Below Here Be Spoilers

  While these are two different comics, in terms of their concept they are very similar. It is the route the creative teams have taken that makes them truly different. This version of the Thunderbolts had an original goal of doing the jobs too dirty for the Avengers. On the other hand Secret Avengers has maintained a theme, with variations, of doing jobs too dirty for the Avengers, though often with certain Avengers characters. What truly differs them is what is inside these two specific issues.

  Issue eight of Secret Avengers has Modok's plan coming together and falling apart. The changing of the plan happens due to a profound and for some disturbing realization. But throughout this recommended issue we see a gathering of evidence, from the past several issues, conducted entirely from conversations. That is right there is no overt fighting, but instead a chess match of the mind. The  artistic quality is great in it's consistency and facial expressions. The colors allow for use of shadow and the lettering framed right.

  As for Thunderbolts #31 we see the dumbing down of dialogue in the form of a childish argument between the Punisher and Red Hulk during a fight. We also see a different artist than the one from last issue which causes consistency of art in the mind and the collection to be lost. The art is not terrible, but it does look rushed with proportions seemingly changing for the Red Hulk a few times. The coloring could be a little more varied and subdued. As for the lettering it becomes a bit bombastic in the font during the previously mentioned argument.

  Now why am I comparing the two? Because where Thunderbolts under the previous writers kept the direction and current concept right, Ben Acker and Ben Blacker delineated from this path. While not terrible on their own projects, they just don't seem to have a real purpose other than slowly destroying the current concept. The childish argument especially shows a lack of correct characterization regarding Red Hulk and The Punisher. Thus I can't recommend this title, while another title with the same basic concept is doing a variation that actually is working and intelligent. So in conclusion T-bolts 31 no, Secret 8 yes!


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