In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 15

   In a sense this should have been two episodes. We have the Usagi jealous of Rei trying to date Mamoru story, and then there is the park story. Speaking of Mamoru/Darien we find out that he is in college in the Japanese dubbing, but the English version neglects the age range again. I personally thought he would be 17 or 18, because he gets in a relationship with Usagi/Serena later. Also I feel it was mean of Usagi to trick Umino out of his money just to spy on Rei and Mamoru.

   This episode also left me with three questions. Did the park caretaker never remove his hat that the monster was possessing? Did anyone notice the Sailor V video game Usagi plays apparently moved from its original location in the arcade, as seen in previous episodes? What was Rei's grandfather supposed to do about the park in the English dub from the 1990s?


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