In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 17

     Okay who fronted the money for the photo shoot in this episode, and if it was the kid photographer did he go broke afterwards? Also Usagi's prep work for modeling is odder in the original Japanese dub versus the 90s' English version. For crying out lout in the O.G. version she practices rhymes. Another odd thing is the O.G. photographer just giving up his passion after he is no longer possessed. This made me like the 90s' version a little more for this episode, because he decides to focus on moon photography instead of girls or landscapes.

     Some things I found interesting are: Mamoru making an empowerment speech about inner beauty that Usagi later quotes. We also for the first time see just Mamoru without him becoming Tuxedo Mask, which is an interesting change in the formula. Also If I haven't it mentioned yet Usagi's earth family are jerks in the Japanese dub!


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