Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Just DC Related Edition

1. Infinite Crisis, circa 2005, all printings. While certain issues and moments in this series are enjoyable, the different printings changed how the story worked. First printings were the most honest but were unfinished either on art or editing. Thus you get the later printings that caused confusion for fans and scholars regarding what officially counts and what did not. Finally Superboy-Prime's whining adventures begin in this series.

2. Countdown is obviously a mess and thus not recommended.

3. Countdown To Adventure a tie-in to Countdown served no purpose when all is said and done.

4. Countdown To Mystery is not recommended due to the Eclipso Storyline. Also Dr. Fate artist Justiniano having turned out to be a Pedophile. Throw in the fact the late Steve Gerber never got to finish his half of the series, and you have a horror show of a comic.


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